Daily Archives: November 4, 2010

There’s a map for that!

There’s a map for that!

Every fall at Martin School, the third and fourth grade classrooms have a special visitor. When our principal announces that this special person is in the building and visiting certain classrooms, the students hold their breath in anticipation – hoping that he will be visiting their room. He is not a celebrity, an athlete, or famous

Don’t Miss Bestselling Author Sara Paretsky

Bring your aspiring writers to a very special webinar with bestselling author,  Sara Paretsky this afternoon at 1pm ET. Paretsky will share her personal journey of becoming a writer and provide valuable insights to students who have a passion for writing. She will also discuss the role that creativity plays in the writing process. After

Same Campus + Real Time = Prezi Meeting

Real time collaboration Nothing beats opening your email to find a whole new way of collaborating. Whether your students are engaged in Project or Challenge-Based Learning, or you want to collaborate locally or globally, Prezi Meeting just made learning better. For web-based presentations, Prezi Meeting reinvented desktop sharing. Up to 10 people can work together