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Ed Tech News You Can Use

Ed Tech News You Can Use

yolink Search Enhancement Tool Have you heard of  ‘yolink‘? yolink is a search enhancement tool that make searching easier and produces more relevant results. To use yolink, you first need to download and install the browser plugin. yolink is powered by Googleand the browser plugin allows you to preview search results via the plugin. yolink

Hall Davidson Visits Verona, WI

What could top off a weekend where the Packers beat New York and Trick or Treaters enjoy a beautiful fall evening? One thing to top that off would be a Monday staff development day featuring technology integration with Hall Davidson. Hall Davidson, Director of the Discovery Educator Network, has spoken about technology and education to audiences around the

NJAET Contest and Grants

Looking for a virtual tech forum, mini-grant, or a podcasting contest? Check out NJAET‘s Newsletter. http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=neyqiybab&v=001gjTeQvTgjpo130Jj26SRKJBlU__kel_0yt5-Pc55RYsiB5iMiayVnoProZNFJXgx6hYGq7TTbR10xGUCk8CUiVb4Qym6nbHRHJ1rRu1Gv9p7IUBb8J0YklGoyCH_AwizDMRh2ZZorUab_H8o7FYRDrLE3vIyyH8a Visit NJAET.org for more.

Investigation Discovery Presents Sara Paretsky

In 1982,  Sara Paretsky revolutionized the mystery world when she created female investigator, V.I. Warshawski. V.I. uses her wits… and her fists to make her way in life. With the creation of V.I., Paretsky challenged a genre in which women typically were either presented as vamps or victims. Not only has Paretsky’s own work broken