Daily Archives: November 8, 2010

Write On!

Monthly Leadership Council meetings always bring about new resources or remind us of resources that we need to revisit. Hub Discovery Education is a great storytelling website for K-5 teachers. This site offers a comprehensive set of lesson plans for K-2 and 3-5 as well as a step-by-step guide to the writing process. All lessons

Edmodo in the Classroom

This summer, I was reintroduced to Edmodo at the DEN LC Symposium.  I first learned about Edmodo at another conference but never saw it as more than another Twitter and I didn’t see the point.  But at the symposium, we actually used it.  We created small groups for each session, had discussions, added links, made connections,

Shatter the Myths Webinar Archive

Where do your students get their information about drugs – their friends – the Internet? Is this information reliable? Confused about the effects of marijuana and prescription drugs? Some reports say they are bad for you while others say they can help cure an individual. Learn the facts from Dr. Susan Weiss and shatter some

Storybird: Collaborative Storytelling

Originally created to connect families and friends, Storybird is designed to have two or more people collaborate on a story, using the images created by various artists. “Storybird promotes imagination, literacy, and self-confidence. Kids who play with words and pictures early in life tend to score higher in cognitive and aptitude tests later on. They

TEDTalks for Teachers

Greetings everyone! I was patrolling the net during lunch today and came across this amazing Glog that has pulled together some of the best TED Talks for teachers. http://bit.ly/czXNTR Check it out! Do you think there are others that need to be added?

Welcome New DEN STARs

Please welcome these new DEN STARs: Aaron Adams, TX Carolyn Carter, FL Stephanie Chambers, GA Margaret Cody, FL Ashley Cook, CO Katie Cortez, WI Mark Derison, NY Stephanie Digirolamo, IL Jini Errichetti, NJ Angelique Fairbrother, IL Lisa Giddings-Massey, FL Margaret Gonzales, FL Kristina Harvey, FL Leanne Hibbert, Manitoba Susan Jeffries, AR Stacey Jenkins, FL Julie