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Overheard at Michigan Virtual University’s Online Learning Symposium

Overheard at Michigan Virtual University’s Online Learning Symposium

From Steve Megley, Deputy Director of Ed Tech, US Department of Education: “Assessment can be done THROUGH the act of learning.  It’s crazy to give tests and expect kids to do well just to make the teacher’s day.” “Education needs structural change, and we must find the spaces for the changes.  We cannot just add it

Call to Present: NC TIES

Come on North Carolina DEN Stars and Members! We know you are doing amazing things with technology, curriculum and the DEN in your schools and classrooms. Here’s your chance to shine! A reminder from Cindy Phthisic, Edenton-Chowan Schools, & the NCTIES Team .. The deadline to submit a presentation or technology fair proposal is: November

Read to Succeed

Six Flags and Discovery Education announced today the launch of the Read to Succeed program, which encourages K-6 students to read for enjoyment outside of school. Students who complete six hours of recreational, nonschool-related reading can earn free admission to a participating Six Flags theme park, and teachers whose classes complete the program also can

Fall Virtual Conference at Chief Poundmaker

Canadian DEN STARS enjoying some coffee and sweets! Our DEN FAll Virtual Conference experience started at our favorite Canadian coffee shop. We needed a ‘pep me up” for the early start of the day! Thanks STARS for meeting me and driving with me to your school. If I didn’t have you with me I would

Top 10 DEN Blog Posts #9

Greetings, Blogosphere! I know many STAR Discovery Educators have been reading the DEN blogs since they (the blogs, that is) were born, but many of you may not have thoroughly investigated the archives. Now, we do our fair share of making sure the blogs are used to give you the information you need about what’s

B.I.G. Project – Using Social Media to Engage Students

An innovative use of social media tools to engage students and expand their understanding of our world through other cultures was brought to life by Adam Goldberg, Assistant Principal of Westford Academy during the MassCue Conference.  Adam used social networking tools such as Facebook and free collaboration tools such as SKYPE to bring together two

Tundra Connections: Time to Test Your Connection

We are very excited to connect with classrooms around the world as we participate in Polar Bears International’s Tundra Connections program. If you are planning to join us on November 15 and/or November 16, please take some time to test your connection.  There is no special login needed, but we strongly encourage you to visit