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  1. Thank You!

    We just wanted to thank everyone for coming out to our DEN event at Amici’s during SC EdTech 2010, in Myrtle Beach. We will be posting some pics soon, so be sure to check back. A very special thank you goes to Amici’s, a long time friend to the SC DEN and the perfect place […]

  2. 2010 Global Education Conference Happening Now!

    Global Education Conference The free, all-online 2010 Global Education Conference takes place this coming week, November 15 – 19, 2010! We currently have 397 sessions from 62 countries scheduled, as well as 63 keynote speakers–an amazing lineup. Please take a look at all that is taking place: The conference is a collaborative and world-wide […]

  3. Tundra Connections: 7 Ways to Take Action

    Reposted from I’m spending the week with my friends at Polar Bears International on the tundra near Churchill, Manitoba.  Currently, we are on a Tundra Buggy getting ready for a few days of live webcasting.  I hope you’ll join us over the next few days.  You can check out the schedule at: The […]

  4. Glogster and Discovery Education – A Good Team!

    Educators attending GaETC on Nov. 4th were invited to a reception at Georgia Public Broadcasting with Glogster!  Teachers attending this GA DEN event learned how to use Glogster’s education platform with Discovery Education content to engage and motivate students, and enhance their learning. If you use Glogster with your students, please respond to this post […]

  5. HUB’s Digital Storytelling Contest

    Hub for Teachers is offering a digital storytelling contest for students in grades K-5. Teachers will encourage students to work in groups of 2 -4. This is a great way to incorporate writing and digital storytelling into your curriculum and be eligible for great technology prizes at the same time.  Grand prize for the winning […]

  6. Global Education Conference

    Starting tomorrow, the amazing Global Education Conference will be running for the whole week.  This conference is totally free, totally online, and totally accessible to us all. From the GEC site: “The 2010 Global Education Conference is being held November 15 – 19, 2010, online and free.  Sessions will take place in multiple time zones and multiple […]

  7. Field Trip Earth

    I am sure that NONE of you work in a school where field trips are occurring less and less. I can’t imagine that you are facing a budget crunch where guest speakers have become non-existent. There’s no way that you are faced with having to be creative with the resources you have in order to […]

  8. Teachers Using Twitter

    If you are a Twitter user, then there is no doubt that you are aware of the positive connections and benefits that can develop through becoming connected with other educators from around the globe. Recently, I had a chance to reflect on my own use of Twitter in the past two years, and thought I […]

  9. Louisiana Public Broadcasting and Discovery Education Team Up to Deliver Four Events in Louisiana

    Philippe Cousteau LA School Visits: In September 2010, Discovery Education and Louisiana Public Broadcasting teamed up to highlight some of the great things the partnership provides, celebrate exemplary usage of LBP CyberChannel, as well as provide a unique and extensive professional development opportunity.  Several events were held, starting when Philippe Cousteau, Discovery Education’s Chief Spokesperson […]

  10. Where will your students’ stories take you?

    If you teach storytelling, be it traditional or digital, you’ll definitely want to visit the fantastic resources we have available at! But that’s not what I want to talk to you about today. I want to talk to you about getting your students writing, and about you winning some fantastic prizes from Discovery Education […]

  11. Birmingham Day of Discovery: Join Us Nov. 20

    Discovery Education is pleased to present an Assessment Day of Discovery for Alabama educators on Saturday, November 20th! This exciting and interactive day of professional development will highlight creative ways to meet your students’ needs through on-going assessments and targeted instruction. Discovery Education has teamed up with Birmingham City School District to host the event […]

  12. Overheard at Michigan Virtual University’s Online Learning Symposium

    From Steve Megley, Deputy Director of Ed Tech, US Department of Education: “Assessment can be done THROUGH the act of learning.  It’s crazy to give tests and expect kids to do well just to make the teacher’s day.” “Education needs structural change, and we must find the spaces for the changes.  We cannot just add it […]

  13. Call to Present: NC TIES

    Come on North Carolina DEN Stars and Members! We know you are doing amazing things with technology, curriculum and the DEN in your schools and classrooms. Here’s your chance to shine! A reminder from Cindy Phthisic, Edenton-Chowan Schools, & the NCTIES Team .. The deadline to submit a presentation or technology fair proposal is: November […]

  14. Read to Succeed

    Six Flags and Discovery Education announced today the launch of the Read to Succeed program, which encourages K-6 students to read for enjoyment outside of school. Students who complete six hours of recreational, nonschool-related reading can earn free admission to a participating Six Flags theme park, and teachers whose classes complete the program also can […]

  15. Fall Virtual Conference at Chief Poundmaker

    Canadian DEN STARS enjoying some coffee and sweets! Our DEN FAll Virtual Conference experience started at our favorite Canadian coffee shop. We needed a ‘pep me up” for the early start of the day! Thanks STARS for meeting me and driving with me to your school. If I didn’t have you with me I would […]

  16. Top 10 DEN Blog Posts #9

    Greetings, Blogosphere! I know many STAR Discovery Educators have been reading the DEN blogs since they (the blogs, that is) were born, but many of you may not have thoroughly investigated the archives. Now, we do our fair share of making sure the blogs are used to give you the information you need about what’s […]

  17. Tundra Connections: Time to Test Your Connection

    We are very excited to connect with classrooms around the world as we participate in Polar Bears International’s Tundra Connections program. If you are planning to join us on November 15 and/or November 16, please take some time to test your connection.  There is no special login needed, but we strongly encourage you to visit […]

  18. Wisconsin DEN & the Apple Store

    On Saturday, November 6, approximately 25 DEN and STAR DEN members from across the state attended an incredible Day of Discovery at the Apple Store at the Mayfair Mall  in Milwaukee, WI.  What could be better than a customized workshop uniting The Discovery Educator Network and Apple?  The day started at 8:00 with a delicious […]

  19. There’s an App for that…

    In last couple of weeks I have been looking for good Apps to use in my classroom. With the help of some awesome people in my district here are some of the ones I found: Talking Tom is a silly cat that repeats what you say with a funny voice and responds to your touch. […]

  20. Write On!

    Monthly Leadership Council meetings always bring about new resources or remind us of resources that we need to revisit. Hub Discovery Education is a great storytelling website for K-5 teachers. This site offers a comprehensive set of lesson plans for K-2 and 3-5 as well as a step-by-step guide to the writing process. All lessons […]

  21. Edmodo in the Classroom

    This summer, I was reintroduced to Edmodo at the DEN LC Symposium.  I first learned about Edmodo at another conference but never saw it as more than another Twitter and I didn’t see the point.  But at the symposium, we actually used it.  We created small groups for each session, had discussions, added links, made connections, […]

  22. Shatter the Myths Webinar Archive

    Where do your students get their information about drugs – their friends – the Internet? Is this information reliable? Confused about the effects of marijuana and prescription drugs? Some reports say they are bad for you while others say they can help cure an individual. Learn the facts from Dr. Susan Weiss and shatter some […]