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Where in the World Wide Web 2.0? A DEN Update

Where in the World Wide Web 2.0? A DEN Update

DEN members are still SOCIALIZING on social networking tools of web 2.0. Updating a Texas blog post from last year, here are the latest on places to find the DEN: Texas DEN’s Facebook: Texas DEN Where else in the World Wide Web are you finding the DEN? A side

LiveBinder Adds Collaboration +

Mantz image LiveBinders was already a great tool when Dean Mantz wrote about Enhancing LiveBinders for accessing educational resources by grade level, managing uploaded files, and credits. Mantz is KS DEN LC Blog Chair and famous for running CIL back channels at whatever he attends, and he is a great innovator and sharer. He’s one

Teaching the Hudson Valley

In these difficult economic times, many of us are finding that field trips are fast becoming a thing of the past.  Teaching the Hudson Valley set up a page for grants we can apply for that will give us the money needed to bring our students to one of their fabulous sites.  You can find

PA Social Studies Teachers — Call to Action: Preserving the Greatest Generation

PA Call to Action: Preserving the Greatest Generation With the new year upon us, thoughts turn to back to school. Are you looking for a meaningful project that can impact yourselves as educators or instructional coaches, or more importantly, your students. Instructional coaches Jennifer Brinson, PA DEN LC Events Commmittee, (Salisbury High School) and Jason

Out With the Old….In With the New!

At this time of the year, people are reminiscing about the past year and thinking about the new year. We recall what worked during the previous year and what didn’t.  We then contemplate changes we’ll make for a better new year. Discovery has made a change. If you haven’t seen the new “front” page check

A New Way to Learn- ISTE Learning

ISTE recently launched a new online professional development program called ISTE Learning All PD activities and resources incorporate and model the NETS.  The site is divided into four sections: The Commons, ISTE U, ISTE Learning Labs, and ISTE Cafe. The Commons:  Connect, communicate and collaborate with others here; read articles from L&L magazine, listen

The “Best Of” Time of Year

As evidenced by several posts in the DEN Blog Network this is the time of year for reflection on things past, and musing on things going forward.  INMHO nobody does this better than the multi-award winning educational blogger Larry Ferlazzo. Larry’s voluminous tweets and blog posts are always worth a read and follow, but there

More Things I Think You Should Read

Here’s another installment from the Wisconsin DEN Blog feature – Things I Think You Should Read. When comparing the success of students from the United States to those of other countries, don’t you think we should compare apples to apples?  When we do that, we’re not as bad as many think.  Here is a some