Daily Archives: December 8, 2010

Tundra, Polar Bears, Killer Whales … Oh My!

  Don’t all of you just love working with teachers who are always willing to try new ways to engage their students? One of those teachers from my District is Shannon Findley, grade 4 teacher at the Riverdale Elementary School in Dedham, MA. Her students reflect her enthusiasm and passion for learning and sharing.  When

ge.tt – easy, free file sharing

I just learned about ge.tt this week and was pleasantly surprised. I had been looking for a way to share files with others who don’t have a Dropbox account. I tried Let’s Crate the other day, but found that it had a limit to the size file you could share. ge.tt doesn’t. Just like Let’s Crate, ge.ttallows you to

Chrome OS – Great for Education

Yesterday, Google debuted Chrome OS, their operating system for computers. Chrome OS is based on the Chrome browser. Your apps are available from the Chrome Web Store. There are already a lot of apps available. You will have the ability to work offline also. What I like about Chrome OS is that this is a very lightweight

Can We Talk?

It is 9:09 am Wednesday morning.  I have been awake since 6:30 am.  So far today I have checked my work email, my hotmail and gmail accounts, voicemail, twitter, facebook, my elfster gift exchange with my PLN, and the headlines from MSNBC.com.  I spent a half hour in the car driving my nephew to school.