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  1. 1001 Inventions

    Free Preview for Educators: “Discover the secret behind how we write.  Understand how we see.  Trace the origins of algebra.  Uncover the history of everyday items like coffee, toothbrushes and soap.  Plus, view a 13-minute film starring Oscar-winning actor Ben Kingsley, and enjoy over60 interactive exhibits that reveal the scientific legacy of Muslim civilization in our modern […]

  2. EduCon 2.3 Panel Discussion – Can Schools Support Student Innovation?

    Photo courtesy of Kevin Jarrett Sunday morning at EduCon 2.3 at SLA begins with a panel discussion about the ability of schools to support student innovation. Sam Chaltain – author of American Schools: The Art of Creating a Democratic Learning Community Kathleen Cushman – author of Fires in the Mind Karl Fisch – Algebra Teacher […]

  3. Cyberbullying and School Leadership

    Bullying is never OK!!!  Harassment is never OK!!!  Hazing is never OK!!! The issue of bullying is serious for today’s educators.  It can’t be ignored, minimized or rationalized away.  As you continue to develop your awareness and response to the many challenges this phenomenon presents please consider taking this True or False Quiz.  Here goes. […]

  4. My Fake Wall

     My Fake Wall is a tool for creating a fake Facebook wall for a fictitious or historical character.  To create a Fake Wall you do need to register for a My Fake Wall account. Then you can upload images, write wall posts, even create “likes” and comments on fake posts.  Let us know what you’ve created. Click […]

  5. Dr. Remix; or how I learned to stop worrying and love citation ~ Bud Hunt & Joe Bires at #EduCon 2.3

    Joe Bires Bud Hunt, aka, budtheteacher, on Dr. Remix caught my attention by the title, his reputation, and his essential questions for engaging conversation. Hunt is joining us from Colorado via Skype. He is joined live with Joe Bires on site at SLA. From the program precis: Where do our ideas come from? How do […]

  6. Using Google Docs to Improve Student Writing: Larissa Pahomov at EduCon 2.3

    Using Google Docs to Improve Student Writing View more presentations from Larissa Pahomov. Larissa Pahomov is an English teacher at SLA. She begins by asking what you want your students to learn from your writing assignments. We began with a brainstorming conversation to answer Larissa’s question. Our results: writing for publication, clarity of expression, analysis […]

  7. Leroy Nunery: Keynote @ #EduCon 2.3

    jrichardson30 via Twitter Chris Lehmann, Principal of SLA, kicked off the morning activities, reminding the audience that SLA is streaming live. Click this link to join. Lehmann reminds us that this unconference is an event planned by the students of SLA who are master planners at rescheduling on the fly. Wonderful multitaskers, the students work […]

  8. Why Does Innovation Matter? Panel Discussion at EduCon 2.3

    ] EduCon 2.32 Friday Night Panel Planners of EduCon 2.3 have assembled yet again another stellar panel for the Friday Night Panel discussion, Why Does Innovation Matter? Held at the Franklin Institute on January 28, 2011 from 6-8 PM ET, this year’s panel includes: Matt Berg – ICT Director of the Millennium Villages Project and […]

  9. Gathering Goodies on a Snow Day

    Nothing beats a snow day. Educators love a day off as much as their students (sometimes more, don’t you think…). Catching up on some great opportunities I’d like to share. If you’re snowed in and want a refresher course (perhaps for creating PD for your teachers as an IC or you are a newbie), try […]

  10. Take a Learning Vacation

    I had this idea the other day as I was taking a Southwest Airlines survey. In this survey they wanted to know the number of business and pleasure trips. Believe or not this was a difficult question because I had used Southwest to go to Denver and San Jose in the past year. This was […]

  11. Superintendents Get Schooled in Social Media

    Porter Palmer delivered the keynote address to Michigan school superintendents at the MASA Conference in Kalamazoo, Michigan this morning.  She demonstrated six super tools for lifelong learners:  Facebook, Twitter, the new and improved MASA website, RSS, Blogging, and the Discovery Educator Network Administrators’ Academy.  See her presentation and all shared links here.  Enjoy!

  12. EduCon is almost here!

    A great learning experience is about to begin. Hundreds of educators will be flocking to Philadelphia this weekend for a couple of days of conversations. Chris Lehmann and the staff and students of Science Leadership Academy will be hosting EduCon. From everything I’ve heard, this is a fantastic weekend of sharing, discussing, and finding ways […]

  13. The DEN Admin Academy

    For more than 5 years now, the Discovery Educator Network (DEN) has been fervently pursuing our singular goal of connecting educators to their most valuable resource, each other. We are expanding our outreach to school and district leaders with the launch of an administrators’ strand, the DEN Admin Academy. Through the DEN Admin Academy, we […]

  14. Georgia’s Native Habitats Workshop

    Come learn about some of Georgia’s amazing aquatic habitats through interactive lessons from Georgia Native Waters and Project WET. The workshop will include a combination of hands-on activities from the two curricula, exhibit tours, and group discussion to promote awareness, conservation, and appreciation of Georgia’s natural habitats. Location: Georgia Aquarium 225 Baker Street, Atlanta, GA […]

  15. Discovery Education Leading Effort to Meet Presidential Challenge to Bring Digital Textbooks to American Classrooms Today

    Indicative of the growing movement toward digital textbooks, Florida has approved the Discovery Education Science Elementary Techbook for Florida for classroom use. Florida joins Indiana, Louisiana and Oregon in adopting Discovery Education’s digital science service as the core instructional resource for elementary science instruction. These approvals, through state textbook adoption processes, empower educators with dynamic […]

  16. DEN & Discovery Place

    On Saturday, January 22, twenty educators from across Southwestern North Carolina met at Discovery Place in Charlotte for an in-person event to celebrate Sci Con 11. We received a special tour from John Leonard, from Discovery Place, who shared with us many of the wonderful things that Discovery Place has to offer for schools. For […]

  17. Summer Science Sleuths at Duke

    Do you know of a rising eighth grader with a passion for science? How about one who loves to tinker and explore without realizing that full connection to the world of science? Consider nominating him/her for Duke University’s Summer Science Sleuths. Think of what a difference this experience might make! Summer Science Sleuths at Duke […]

  18. Put on Your Presenter’s Hat in Upstate NY

    The College of Saint Rose is pleased to announce the First Annual Technologies in Education Conference. This is a free conference open to all educators interested in the use of technology in education. We are aiming to attract not only technology enthusiasts, but also general K-12 Faculty, Librarians, and Administrators. More details, along with registration […]

  19. A re-post from AcalanesUHSD Learning Continuity

    There was just too much great information to summarize in this article about learning continuity with iPod Touch. The accompanying table details 210 apps! Keep students connected to your curriculum from home and back. If you use iPod Touches in your classroom and students have access to either an iPod Touch or an iPhone, here […]

  20. The New Year, New You Webinar Series Begins This Week!

    Start off 2011 on the right foot with a full series of free professional development that is perfect for both educator and administrator. We’ll start with the basics and expand each week to explore administrative tools and resources, student access, and creating online quizzes and assignments. Click here to register. Click here to download a […]

  21. New Beginnings

    It is with sadness that the VA DEN says goodbye to Matt Monjan our wonderful leader. Matt is embarking on a new journey with Discovery. Matt will be the new Vice President of Strategic Account Implementation and DEN Account Management.  With his new position, Matt will manage Discovery’s nationwide (and Canadian) efforts. Please join me […]