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1001 Inventions

1001 Inventions

Free Preview for Educators: “Discover the secret behind how we write.  Understand how we see.  Trace the origins of algebra.  Uncover the history of everyday items like coffee, toothbrushes and soap.  Plus, view a 13-minute film starring Oscar-winning actor Ben Kingsley, and enjoy over60 interactive exhibits that reveal the scientific legacy of Muslim civilization in our modern

EduCon 2.3 Panel Discussion – Can Schools Support Student Innovation?

Photo courtesy of Kevin Jarrett Sunday morning at EduCon 2.3 at SLA begins with a panel discussion about the ability of schools to support student innovation. Sam Chaltain – author of American Schools: The Art of Creating a Democratic Learning Community Kathleen Cushman – author of Fires in the Mind Karl Fisch – Algebra Teacher

Cyberbullying and School Leadership

Bullying is never OK!!!  Harassment is never OK!!!  Hazing is never OK!!! The issue of bullying is serious for today’s educators.  It can’t be ignored, minimized or rationalized away.  As you continue to develop your awareness and response to the many challenges this phenomenon presents please consider taking this True or False Quiz.  Here goes.