Daily Archives: March 1, 2011

Math and Language Arts PD Set!

The TN DEN LC is hosting a day-long training event for Math and Language Art teachers on Saturday, March 12th at the Lake Forest Middle School in Cleveland, TN.  We will look at various technologies that can help teachers from all content areas incorporate math and language arts into their curriculum (DE Streaming, Web 2.0,

MACUL’s On-Line Conference Planner

In years past I was all a-tither about about getting the MACUL Conference book with all the sessions and their times. I have had to sit and highlight sessions that I was interested in and then have to figure out times, locations, etc. That was nice, but now we have the On-Line Conference Planner at

7. Discovery Streaming and…

… integrating with other online resources! Discovery is wonderful as a standalone product for use in classrooms, but it also “plays well with others”.  Here are some ideas for using Discovery Streaming and online databases together: Thinkfinity — a free for educators site — has graphic organizers available.   Choose a graphic organizer for students to

2011 Race to the Top Commencement Challenge

The 2011 Race to the Top Commencement Challenge invites public high schools across the country to show how their school best prepares students for college and a career. In order to participate, schools are asked to submit an online application at WhiteHouse.gov/commencement. The application consists of three short essay questions, relevant supporting data, and an