Archives for March 31, 2011

  1. Spring 2011 Virtual Conference Held in Verona, WI – all Wisconsin DEN Members are Invited!

    Think Outside the Book with thousands of educators from all over the world as we connect during this unique professional development experience! Learn powerful ways to integrate digital media and Web 2.0 tools into your instruction as well as discover an abundance of resources to expand your own personal learning network. Prizes, breakfast refreshments and […]

  2. Missouri DEN visits the National Archives

    Missouri Discovery Educators visited the National Archives in Kansas City, MO. We had a very informative tour and discussion of the resources at the National Archives. Discovery produced a very informative video about the Archives that is on display. Upcoming events at the National Archives in Kansas City This is our group. You can learn […]

  3. A Shelfari Success Story

    l. to r. Tam, Ann, Kathy Nothing beats a success story, and this is one if ever there was. What follows is that story, told by the person who created the climate for it to occur. She is a Technology Integration Specialist, K-12 in a neighboring district. She posted her story to the CFF Listserv […]