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Project-Based Learning with Tim Childers, DEN Guru #svc2011

Project-Based Learning with Tim Childers, DEN Guru #svc2011

Some people go above and beyond. Tim Childers very graciously (and under less than ideal conditions) shared his PowerPoint. I am sitting in the dark with no electricity and 15 minutes left on my laptop battery. I have a faint wifi signal from my phone. Tim Childers is the first generation DEN GURU, and his

Time, Differentiation and Online Publishing Dr. Lodge McCammon

Dr. Lodge McCammon is no stranger to Discovery; he has created special presentations for many of our special events. Today, he joins us with Katie, a teacher and co-presenter from NC. Lodge works with the Friday Institute and has created the FIZZ Learning Framework. Lodge says that the new generation of learning is publishing, a

9. Discovery Streaming and…..

the last month of the school year. The state testing is done for most; the students — and teachers too actually — are brain-tired; what do we do?   Turn to Discovery, of course! Some suggestions: have HS students explore the world of work and careers with an eye toward future — summer work or college;

Share Your Library of Binders

As many of you know I am a dedicated user of LiveBinders. Tina and Barbara have done an excellent job of listening to their users in making enhancements to this web 2.0 tool. Their most recent update allows for users to embed their entire bookshelf on their own site while maintaining interactivity. Here is the

DEN Teacher Appreciation Week

May 2-6 is National Teacher Appreciation Week. We are so thankful to have a community of incredibly passionate and creative educators like our STARs. As a small token of our appreciation for the work you do we have something fun for you every day next week. Be sure to visit the DEN blog every day

Get bustin’ and meet the MYTHBUSTERS!

You have a few days left to get your “Bust-A-Myth” entries in!  On April 30th, the entry period will close and we will narrow the field down to five finalists, one of whom is going to win a trip to San Francisco to attend a taping of the MythBusters.  And if that wasn’t a big

How I find the resources I share with others

By David Andrade, Some of the readers of my blog and colleagues have asked me how I find the resources that I share on this blog, so I decided to tell you. 1. Google – I do Google searches for different things like “educational technology”, “social networking”, “web 2.0”, “project based learning” and any other


This morning, I had an energetic conversation about the hows, whys, and wherefores of allowing students to bring their own technology devices (BYOD) to school with a local colleague. We were both preachin’ to the choir, but this conversation has to begin somewhere. As budgets are cut and technology improves, it only makes sense that