Archives for April 18, 2011

  1. iBrary

    Usually when someone raves about a book, it’s about plot, or character development, or imagery. It’s rarely about ease of download or file transfer.  But today (actually no one’s really sure when) Apple changed something and now getting iBooks into your iPad is easier than using a library card.    And this is great news […]

  2. What forms of leadership might lead to dramatic improvements in student learning through effective uses of technologies?

    The Leadership Styles of: Telling, Forcing, Participating and Transforming Below you will find a table that looks at a comparison of four general strategies that a leader may employ. Truthfully not all leaders can effectively lead from all four strategies.  Some are ‘tellers’, others are ‘participatory’, others are really into the authority of ‘force’ and […]

  3. What else is there to do on April 30th?

      Do I want to: Build a playground at Propel East in Turtle Creek, PA?  Participate in a community cleanup in Braddock, PA? Participate in the 2011 DEN Virtual Conference in-person event at Propel Braddock Hills? Participate in Urban Dare in downtown Pittsburgh? Of course I have a decision or two to make.   I will […]