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I Write Like?

I Write Like?

Do you write like Edgar Allen Poe?  How about William Shakespeare or even Sojourner Truth?  Have you ever wanted to have your writing analyzed to determine who you compare with among the greats?  Honestly, I do not write like any of them.  However, according to “I Write Like“, I do write like Cory Doctorow.   This

ISTE DEN Pre-con

The Discovery Educator Network’s pre-ISTE event, celebrating the DEN’s sixth birthday, will take place on Saturday, June 25 at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, PA.  This professional development and networking event for DEN members from across the country will feature presentations from our DEN Gurus, DEN team members including the one and only Steve

April 30th: Opportunities to Participate F2F in DEN Spring Virtual

The DEN Virtual Conferences are among my favorite activities of the year. Of course you may participate on your own at home, but the camaraderie among the attending group has encouraged new friendships, mentoring, and the blossoming of new shared ideas from audience members. You are encouraged to attend with the groups below where food


I can still hear my 4th Grade teacher, Miss O’Malley say, “You need to say what you mean, then write it.” What’s interesting is I just did that. I’m writing (actually speaking) these words you’re reading, on the iPad … using Dragon Dictation. So now, more than ever, it still helps to say what you


Usually when someone raves about a book, it’s about plot, or character development, or imagery. It’s rarely about ease of download or file transfer.  But today (actually no one’s really sure when) Apple changed something and now getting iBooks into your iPad is easier than using a library card.    And this is great news

Peter Reynold’s Speech at ASCD conference

I had the honor and pleasure to spend some time at his company Fablevision this past summer while attending the DEN’s LC Symposium. They were great to host us for a couple of hours there. Here is his talk at this year’s ASCD Conference.

What forms of leadership might lead to dramatic improvements in student learning through effective uses of technologies?

The Leadership Styles of: Telling, Forcing, Participating and Transforming Below you will find a table that looks at a comparison of four general strategies that a leader may employ. Truthfully not all leaders can effectively lead from all four strategies.  Some are ‘tellers’, others are ‘participatory’, others are really into the authority of ‘force’ and