Archives for May 5, 2011

  1. DEN TAW…Splashtop Remote

    At the back of the class, little Stevie Dembo needs help. But you need the students to continue working on the problem displayed on the projector from your PC.  So what do you do? Fire up Splashtop Remote and now you can magically connect to your class PC or Mac from your iPad, iPod or […]

  2. DEN TAW…Label Daddy

    LabelDaddy’s labels are a huge hit with the DEN team.  I’ve had one my blackberry for years and it looks as good today as it did when I stuck it on. Label Daddy now offers hundreds of Disney icons and new popular Marvel icons as well. All STARs can now label the things you love […]

  3. DEN TAW…Animation-ish

    Animation-ish is an easy-to-use animation software program that inspires creativity and enables children to “show what they know.” Sparks creative thinking and imagination! Provides engaging activities that integrate creativity across the curriculum. Helps teachers enliven lessons and improve understanding through visual representation. Boosts technology literacy skills. Supports beginner web-authoring skills and graphic design. The ten […]

  4. DEN Teacher Appreciation Week: Day 4

    On day 4 of our very special week-long celebration of STARs, we have a bunch of friends who have joined in on the fun to give away some great prizes today. is giving access to their beta site to all STARs.   Be the curator of your favorite topic!  Create your topic-centric media by collecting […]