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Spring VirtCon 2011 Archives

Spring VirtCon 2011 Archives

Spring Virtual Conference A huge thank you to everyone who attended the virtual conference, whether it be virtually or in person at one of our many local events.  Altogether, over 1200 educators participated, making it one of our most successful VirtCons ever!  Enjoy the archives. Time, Differentiation and Online Publishing Dr. Lodge McCammon Dr. Lodge

DEN Virtual – Camaraderie and Collaboration

Arizona hosted three f2f groups for DEN Spring Virtual. A big thanks to Deena Jorgenson for taking photos and maintaining a running list of URL’s mentioned in each session and from the chat. April Weston wrote on the walls – large colorful bands of paper to record comments and hot topics related to each session.

Happy DEN Teacher Appreciation Week

What a week!  We hope you’ve had as much fun celebrating with us as we’ve had.  But, we’re not quite done yet. Today we’re cleaning out the closets and awarding some very special DEN Mystery Packs to a bunch of lucky STARs. If you completed yesterday’s form, you’re already in the running.  If you didn’t