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Join in the Maryland Geocaching Day!

Join in the Maryland Geocaching Day!

If you are a newbie to Geocaching like me, then the DEN’s Geocaching Day is a perfect event to have fun and learn with others. Never heard of Geocaching? Here is a little intro video…. http://youtu.be/-4VFeYZTTYs Fred Delventhal is leading the Maryland Geocaching Day with a fantastic theme! Here is more information from Fred’s blog:

Online learning is an international phenomenon

In the Washington Post article by Renee Hawkins on Friday May 13 she clearly states that ‘online learning is an international phenomenon” and backs up this claim with facts such as the following: • Turkey now has 15 million K-12 students learning online. • South Korea has started a national virtual school. • The Middle

Wisconsin Apple Store iPad 2 Event

On Saturday, May 14, nearly 30 educators attended a 2 hour iPad2 event at the Apple Store in Madison, WI from 8:00-10:001 a.m..  To kick off the event, each participant received a cool Discovery Educator notebook, and an Apple Field Trip t-shirt. After introductions, we divided into three groups of 10 and were treated to