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Michigan’s DENny Award Winners

Michigan’s DENny Award Winners

This past Tuesday the DEN had their annual DENny Awards webinar. Michigan had a couple of STAR’s that were recognized for their DEN blogs. Jerry Jennings for his Admin Academy blog. Eric Strommer for his personal blog. But the part of the night that everyone was on pins and needles for was the announcement of

Meet the Level 1 team!

As newbies to the DEN Blog we wanted to take the time to introduce ourselves and hope that you will do the same and let us know something about you! Starting with the Level One team: Level One is the front line for your phone calls and emails; we also help support sales in keeping

Rockets – a great project for the end of the year for any class

by David Andrade, http://tinyurl.com/edtechguy I love rockets. My Bachelor’s degree is in Aerospace Engineering and I’ve been interested in rockets since I was a kid. My dad worked on the main engines for the Saturn V rocket when he worked at Pratt & Whitney as a chemist, I’ve designed and manufactured parts for the space program

Tennessee should be proud…

Last week I had the pleasure of touring Tennessee from Knoxville all the way to Memphis with some of my DEN colleagues.  Tennessee is always a joy to visit, especially when I get to meet new DEN members and learn from them!  I was able to reconnect with some members of the LC in Knoxville,

VA STARs Shine Bright

I just want to say congratulations to two of our VA STARs. Katie Knapp and Becky Fisher– The VA DEN is well represented on the VSTE Board of Directors! Congratulations to Katie (VA Beach) and Becky (Albemarle Cty) who were recently elected to the VSTE Board of Directors. These two ladies will join current BOD

DENY Awards

Missouri made a great showing at the DENY awards. Congratulations to all of our hard working Stars for helping us make such a great showing.  Most Creative DEN Event  The DEN Does Jazz MO Leadership Award Vickie Lamb (MO) Community Choice Awards Best Use of A Snow Day Award- Vickie Lamb, Cathy Mulligan (MO) “Missouri