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  1. Building Character with Service Projects

    Alas,  the news media has been drowning us with news of character traits that probably shouldn’t be discussed with children. Most of us have been in teaching long enough to remember character building programs that we were asked to implement in our classrooms and playgrounds. High stakes testing has all but eliminated these programs from […]

  2. Jacaranda, a Hint of Summer

    It happens every year during the month of May. Suddenly trees are proffering purple flowers where there was naught but green. Summer is approaching and the Jacaranda (dzha-ke-randa) trees bloom en masse down many of the Southern California streets. These trees actually have two blooming periods, Spring and Fall, although the Fall foliage is not […]

  3. Day of Discovery, Syracuse NY

    On May 14 2011, I traveled up to Syracuse NY for my first Day of Discovery experience.  Day of Discovery is one of the events held by Discovery Education to share new ways on how to utilize and implement our website into the classroom. Typically, the Tech Support Team usually answers phones and responds to […]

  4. Kansas Represented Well

    Tuesday night brought the 2011 Discovery Education DENny Awards.  This special webinar is for all Discovery Educator Network STAR educators to join in celebrating the events, performances, and growth of our PLN.  During the celebration multiple DEN personalities including Porter Palmer, Steve Dembo and Lance Rougeux presented information on upcoming events, including the Geocaching Day (Saturday) […]

  5. Meet the Level 1 team!

    As newbies to the DEN Blog we wanted to take the time to introduce ourselves and hope that you will do the same and let us know something about you! Starting with the Level One team: Level One is the front line for your phone calls and emails; we also help support sales in keeping […]

  6. Rockets – a great project for the end of the year for any class

    by David Andrade, I love rockets. My Bachelor’s degree is in Aerospace Engineering and I’ve been interested in rockets since I was a kid. My dad worked on the main engines for the Saturn V rocket when he worked at Pratt & Whitney as a chemist, I’ve designed and manufactured parts for the space program […]

  7. Tennessee should be proud…

    Last week I had the pleasure of touring Tennessee from Knoxville all the way to Memphis with some of my DEN colleagues.  Tennessee is always a joy to visit, especially when I get to meet new DEN members and learn from them!  I was able to reconnect with some members of the LC in Knoxville, […]

  8. VA STARs Shine Bright

    I just want to say congratulations to two of our VA STARs. Katie Knapp and Becky Fisher– The VA DEN is well represented on the VSTE Board of Directors! Congratulations to Katie (VA Beach) and Becky (Albemarle Cty) who were recently elected to the VSTE Board of Directors. These two ladies will join current BOD […]

  9. DENY Awards

    Missouri made a great showing at the DENY awards. Congratulations to all of our hard working Stars for helping us make such a great showing.  Most Creative DEN Event  The DEN Does Jazz MO Leadership Award Vickie Lamb (MO) Community Choice Awards Best Use of A Snow Day Award- Vickie Lamb, Cathy Mulligan (MO) “Missouri […]

  10. Georgia Supreme Court Says Charter School Law Unconstitutional

    On Monday, May 16,2011, in a 4-3 ruling the Georgia Supreme Court overturned the Georgia Charter Schools Commission Act. This controversial act allowed the commission to create and fund charter schools over the objections of local school boards. The local school boards are given exclusive control of K-12 education and schools by the state constitution. […]

  11. Kudos!

    A hearty congratulations to two of our very own DEN STAR/LC members who achieved recognition last evening at the annual DENny Awards webinar! Robin Talkowski was recognized (again!) for her creative, informative and thought provoking personal blog, as well as her oversight of the Massachusetts DEN Blog in her capacity as Blog Chairperson!  Way to […]

  12. 3rd Annual DENny Awards

    The 3rd annual DENny Awards were held last night with much fanfare. The blue carpet was rolled out, and everyone was dressed in their finest! What an event it was! The DENny Awards event is one of our most favorite events of the year because it is a night dedicated to recognizing outstanding members of […]

  13. Welcome to Cache and Cookies!

    Welcome to *Cache and Cookies, the Discovery Education Support Team’s blog! The DE Support Team is the group of individuals that answers your phone calls and emails (yes, that is a real person you are talking to) when you reach out to Discovery Education with a question or comment.  We are here to answer any […]

  14. Spring Training 2011 Final Stats

    DEN Spring Training came to a close May 13…The results are in!  DEN STARs are really working to keep their STAR status in shape. Here’s the final leader board: Don’t worry if you’re not on the list! If you earned 50 or more Spring Training Points, we’re sending you this nifty canvas beach tote complete […]

  15. Backup plans – some tips for teachers

    by David Andrade, Every teacher is taught that back up plans are a must. Things change constantly in education and there are a variety of factors that can make plans change – computer breaks, internet goes out, file is corrupted, forgot your flash drive at home, you finish a lesson early with a class, your […]

  16. Google Announces Chromebooks – look great for education

    by David Andrade, Google recently announced their  “Chromebooks” – notebook computers running Google’s Chrome OS. They will be available in June. There are two models right now. Samsung has one with a 12.1″ screen, 8.5 hours of continuous usage, a mini-VGA port and a weight of 3.26 lbs. Samsung’s WiFi model will cost $429 with the 3G […]

  17. And the DENny goes to…

    Life rarely catches me without words, but tonight finds me speechless and feeling a bit overwhelmed (but very grateful). A very special thank you to DENny Awards hosts Steve Dembo (for doing things twice), Porter Palmer (for rewinding Steve), and Lance Rougeux (we ARE streaming you live next year). Special congratulations to the recipients, and […]