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Green Screening: Swimming with the Sharks

Green Screening: Swimming with the Sharks

Have you ever wondered how to use green screening with your students? With green screen digital storytelling, students have the ability to plan, create, and perform in front of a “green” backdrop (i.e., green tablecloth, green shower curtain). Students can then use free video editing software to slide themselves on screen with video footage and/or

New Content for Discovery Education Streaming!

Discovery Education is always working to keep you up to date on new content, here’s what we have going on now! “Tornado Rampage 2011” is a new video added to basic Streaming base pack and is recommended for grades 9-12. Title Description In just three days in April of 2011, over 300 tornadoes battered the

Library of Congress Resources

I’ve read several articles about improving questioning strategies lately, and this blog from LOC shouldn’t be overlooked when we’re addressing “questioning” and critical thinking skills. What do we teach our students about observation, looking at small details, comparing versions of a reading or a painting and just generally asking “what do I notice?” Stephen Wesson

Fake “Facebook” Fundamentals!

Social media .. think about connecting with today’s students by using a medium they are well familiar with – social networks.  But rather than using an actual social media environment that may not be a) appropriate in your school, or b) something you want to take on, think about creating a fake “Facebook” page as

Reminiscing with DEN Stars in Saskatoon

In May 2011, DEN Stars from Saskatchewan got together during the IT Summit in Saskatoon, SK. It was fabulous to have so many DEN stars show up from Chief Poundmaker and Prairie South. It didn’t take long for the  iPads and laptops to come out. Hall Davidson, the DEN’s Director of  Global Learning Initiatives, was

Discovery Education SCIENCE TECHBOOK Making an Impact in Rapides Parish, LA.

Discovery Education SCIENCE TECHBOOK has been taken on throughout many school districts in many different parts of the country. The educators of Rapides Parish in Lousiana share their excitement. Read – 8 Rapides Parish elementary schools replacing science textbooks with interactive ‘techbooks”  by Karina Vailes (June 28, 2011) School backpacks are going to get a

DEN ISTE Resources from Cynthia Brown

DEN ISTE Resources from Cynthia Brown linked in Patti Ruffing‘s post, Create Your PLE With SymbalooEDU. Resources from DEN’s Birthday Bash: Great Tool but no embeddable code yet. Be sure to check Dean Mantz‘s Cover It Live for more resources from the DEN. <p><p><p><a href=”″ >Discovery Education PreCon ISTE 2011</a></p></p></p>