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Mike Bryant

Mike Bryant

Hey everybody. My name is Mike Bryant and I’m thrilled to have joined the Instructional Implementation side of the Discovery Educator Network.  Like Brad Fountain, who introduced himself yesterday, I am the other Director of Instructional Implementation for the Discovery Education Science Techbook.  I’ve been with Discovery Education for almost 6 years and am based

Alabama DEN Team Rocked McWane’s World!

Alabama’s DEN STARS had time to meet and share ideas Wednesday, June 16th, when many were in Birmingham attending the Alabama Technology Education Conference.  The event, called “McWane’s World Rocks the Stars,” was held at the McWane Science Center, a popular hands-on science center located close to the conference’s downtown meeting place.  A delightful and

Discover Your Impact (June 17, 2011)

What type of impact can you have on your local community?  Customer Ops employees had an opportunity to find out as we joined over 3000 Discovery employees internationally who participated in the second annual “Discover Your Impact Day” and volunteered at numerous projects local to their respective offices. I caught up with about 100 of

Preview our new features for 2011!

We are constantly working to improve your Discovery Education experience, which means updating current content, as well as updating the look, feel and functionality of the site! Our changes for the upcoming year have not gone live (yet!), but please feel free to preview the new features for Back-to-School 2011. How do you preview these