Daily Archives: June 27, 2011

An Example use of Bubbl.us

As most teachers do when summer starts I am taking a class. This one is on-line and uses Moodle and the group feature of Facebook as its platform. One of the tools used is the web 2.0 site Bubbl.us. Here is one mind map that I put together for an assignment on early Woodland culture.

Constructivism & The Discovery Education Science Techbook = (Education & Web 2.0 tools) Education 2.0

Over the past 15 years, technology has constantly evolved, creating and expanding for the learning capabilities off all students.  We see it everyday, as new products arrive to local stores ranging from smartphones to computers.  The 21st century classroom has also evolved as teachers, administrators and parents have come to understand that students need innovative

Meet our new guy: Johnny H.

Hey all, my name is Johnny Hwong and I am the newest member of the DE Level I Tech Support Team. It’s been less than three weeks into my stay here at Discovery, so I’m still a doe-eyed, newly minted college grad getting used to waking up before noon and not wearing my Pink Floyd

Does the DEN Impact Your Teaching & Learning?

We wanted to know just that; so we asked researchers from the Harvard Graduate School of Education to investigate. The research team conducted an online survey in March 2011 with 231 members of the DEN Leadership Council to determine how the DEN has affected their professional development, and their use of technology in their work.