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Focusing on the Preferred Future

Focusing on the Preferred Future

People usually have absolute clarity about what they do not want; the challenge of leadership is to help people define with precision and accurac y what they do want.  When we help others see what could be, we develop inspiration and aspiration that challenge and promotes breakthrough thinking and actions. ~ Susan Scott, Fierce Conversations (2002) The

DEN Blog Network: Shiny and New, Inside and Out!

In case you haven’t noticed yet, we have just completed another major upgrade to the DEN Blogs!  Last time around, the upgrades were all behind the scenes.  This overhaul touched on just about every aspect of the blogs, both for the official DE and Leadership Council blogs, as well as your own individual STAR blogs.

Reform Symposium 2011

Did you know there’s a conference going on this weekend?  It’s called the Reform Symposium and it’s happening online this weekend.  This is the 3rd year of this online, free conference and I encourage you to take a look at the schedule and see if there’s anything of interest.  You may want to follow the

New Webinars – DEN Summer School 2011

Join our DEN team starting August 1 for the DEN Summer School Series! Participants will explore how to use a variety of Web 2.0 applications, to engage students and help them communicate their knowledge including creatively publishing media-rich digital stories using editable and copyright friendly content from Discovery Education. These sessions will range from; “Introducing

ScreenChomp — New App for Ipad

ScreenChomp gives you the ability to record on-the-go tutorials, and share them instantly. It’s as easy as uploading your videos to, and sharing them on your blog or webpage. lets you… Serve up a short URL that’s easy to share anywhere. Download your video as an MPEG-4 file. Share on Twitter. Just post

HP TouchPad Review

HP TouchPad tablet (webOS) I have used webOS (yes, the “w” is lowercase) since getting my Pre+ smartphone in February of 2010 and love it. webOS has always gotten great reviews from technology writers and reviewers, but Palm never marketed it correctly. HP bought Palm in April of 2010, mainly for webOS, and promised to

Don’t Miss DEN Summer School (Next Week!)

DEN Summer School is August 1-4. Starting at 11am ET each day, join us for 3 hours of action packed learning. Here’s the schedule. Block 1 Digital Storytelling Block 2 Best of the DEN (featuring DEN Gurus) Block 3 Science Register today to join us: Monday 11am EDT Intro to Digital Storytelling Lindsay Hopkins,

Interactive Maps online

I am currently taking on on-line course; Michigan History for the 3rd Grade Teacher. One of activities has us critiquing 17th century French maps of the Great Lakes and more. Go here. You can zoom in and out and shift all over the maps. I did check out the Luna Commons site to see what


“Edutopia is a Web site published by The George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF). Founded in 1991 by filmmaker George Lucas and venture capitalist Steve Arnold, the Foundation celebrates and encourages innovation in K-12 schools. Edutopia’s editorial agenda is based on documenting, disseminating and advocating solutions related to six core learning strategies. Project-based Learning Integrated Studies