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DE Support Field Day Extravaganza!

DE Support Field Day Extravaganza!

The end of last month, the Level 1 Support team challenged the Marketing team (reinforced by Level 2 support) to a friendly Summer Field Day! Complete with water balloon tosses and Frisbee Golf! Our most challenging game, “Crossing the Great Divide”, which required both teams to stand in a line with all team members feet

DE Science Techbook Video Contest Winner

During Teacher Appreciation Week, we gave all STARs access to the DE Science Techbook and announced an amazing opportunity for STARs who want to show us how they would use the DE Science Techbook in their classroom. We asked teachers to create a video of them and their students using the DE Science Techbook. We

Skype in the Classroom @ SC ETV Technology Workshop

South Carolina DEN LC members Karen Ogen and Norma Rockwell will be presenting technology tips for the classroom at the South Carolina ETV Technology Workshops July 26-28, 2011. Registration is still available through South Carolina ETV StreamlineSC Norma will share Skype for Educators. “Skype in the classroom is a free community to help teachers everywhere

What’s In the News?

The Day of Discovery in San Diego is! Right on the heels of DENSI 2011 at the University of San Diego, a fabulous Day of Discovery was held. Nearly 300 educators joined in on the learning. Check out the local news coverage here. (We’ve been told that this link prefers IE or Safari.)

Innovation>status quo Change takes time, but that should NOT keep us from deliberately working for change!

In the 1840’s Dr. Ignatz Semmelweiss found that deaths in maternity wards dropped to near zero when all medical personal washed their hands.  Yet, it took 30 for the medical community to take note, by responding to Louis Pasteur’s endorsement of the hand washing procedure.  And even after his endorsement it took thirty more years

New Brunswick SD #8

As a part of looking back at the school year, we met many innovative educators across the country. In April of 2011,  Superintendent Susan Tipper (second left) and Director of Finance Chris Toole (right) welcomed Discovery Education Canada’s VP’s John Risinger (left) and Andy Schaefer (4th on the left) along with the team from SD