Archives for July 28, 2011

  1. ScreenChomp — New App for Ipad


    ScreenChomp gives you the ability to record on-the-go tutorials, and share them instantly. It’s as easy as uploading your videos to, and sharing them on your blog or webpage. lets you… Serve up a short URL that’s easy to share anywhere. Download your video as an MPEG-4 file. Share on Twitter. Just post […]

  2. HP TouchPad Review


    HP TouchPad tablet (webOS) I have used webOS (yes, the “w” is lowercase) since getting my Pre+ smartphone in February of 2010 and love it. webOS has always gotten great reviews from technology writers and reviewers, but Palm never marketed it correctly. HP bought Palm in April of 2010, mainly for webOS, and promised to […]

  3. Don’t Miss DEN Summer School (Next Week!)


    DEN Summer School is August 1-4. Starting at 11am ET each day, join us for 3 hours of action packed learning. Here’s the schedule. Block 1 Digital Storytelling Block 2 Best of the DEN (featuring DEN Gurus) Block 3 Science Register today to join us: Monday 11am EDT Intro to Digital Storytelling Lindsay Hopkins, […]