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  1. Innovation>status quo Change takes time, but that should NOT keep us from deliberately working for change!

    In the 1840’s Dr. Ignatz Semmelweiss found that deaths in maternity wards dropped to near zero when all medical personal washed their hands.  Yet, it took 30 for the medical community to take note, by responding to Louis Pasteur’s endorsement of the hand washing procedure.  And even after his endorsement it took thirty more years […]

  2. New Brunswick SD #8

    As a part of looking back at the school year, we met many innovative educators across the country. In April of 2011,  Superintendent Susan Tipper (second left) and Director of Finance Chris Toole (right) welcomed Discovery Education Canada’s VP’s John Risinger (left) and Andy Schaefer (4th on the left) along with the team from SD […]

  3. DENSI — part 3

    Wednesday brought the Unconference as speakers and listeners proposed and chose sessions of interest.   Topics included Google+, use of blogs and Twitter in the classroom, more on Imovie and mashups, and many more great ideas. Thursday morning’s closing  session speaker was the always good Hall Davidson,  who showed us media clips providing inspiration and ideas […]

  4. Wisconsin DEN Photowalk

    Join us on Friday, August 5, (9:45 a.m. -1:00 p.m. in Milwaukee) for a great opportunity to meet fellow Discovery Educators as we have our 1st ever  DEN sponsored Photowalk on the culturally rich Milwaukee Riverwalk.  Learn about the beautiful Milwaukee area while taking and learning about photography.  Did you know the Milwaukee River is on […]

  5. Building Your Lessons with the DE Science TECHBOOK

    Discovery Education Science TECHBOOK comes with one ready built lesson for every concept. This webinar walks you through those lessons as well as how to build your own from the vast array of resources available to you. While archives are helpful if you can not attend in person there is no substitute for being able […]

  6. Keep Connected

    The principal at Burlington High School in Burlington, MA is providing a great way to stay connected over the summer. Following the model of the “unconference” used at Edcamp, BHS will be hosting mini-Edcamps Tuesday mornings this summer.  It is a great opportunity to make new connections and share ideas.  The following was posted on […]

  7. More Things I Think You Should Read

    Here is another installment of the Wisconsin DEN Blog’s feature – Things I Think You Should Read.  This time around, the writing has a school library focus, all coming from the Opinion Section of the NY Times. Lady Gaga Librarians – this one is written by my friend Gwyneth Jones. Teachers, Not Librarians Libraries and […]

  8. DENSI – part 2

    Busy days, tired (but happy) nights Monday’s sessions showed us “WHERE TO”  as we learned how to use Discovery Education Resources to interest, engage, and assess our students . Tuesday’s sessions gave us such session options as learning to: create mashups differentiate learning with digital resources use google earth and google lit trips use of […]

  9. You synapses builder, you!

    Learning is about access and opportunity.  Learning can appear to be magical, yet it is always about a connection.  The learner’s brain grows new synapses.  Or existing synapses interrelate to/with other existing synapses.  To learn is action: action in the brain.  Even if the new skill is physical – it is about brains growing and […]

  10. DENSI 2011–part 1

    Saturday at the DEN Summer Institute got off to a great start with special speaker Danny Forster, host of Build It Bigger, on the Discovery Science Channel (   Having covered buildings in 50 countries in his five years as host,  he had plenty of examples as he spoke about design and its relationship to culture, […]

  11. A Newbie’s Experience at #ISTE11

    Last week, I had the absolute pleasure of attending my first-ever International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference in Philadelphia. Since I was a newbie, I attempted to gather as much information before arrival as possible. I read up on all the advice the “veterans” had posted on the Conference Ning and the ISTE Young Educators Network […]

  12. Surfs Up….DEN Summer Institute

    We all know how powerful Discovery Education Network Day’s of Discovery are when it comes to connecting, sharing, and learning. Well, the DEN Summer Institute in San Diego, California starts July 9th and runs through July 14th. For those of us less fortunate folks unable to attend the unbelievable learning opportunity, I have established a […]

  13. Fourth of July – On This Day!

    For holidays such as the Fourth of July, it is a great time to explore the On This Day Calendar feature. Once,  logged into Discovery Education you’ll see the On This Day feature located directly under My DE.  This unique feature highlights an event that took place on that particular day.  To access the full […]

  14. ISTE Resources

    It’s been about a week since ISTE wrapped up and I’m still trying to organize the many resources that were shared throughout the conference.  I’ll be sharing more of those in the coming weeks, but wanted to take a little time to share some highlights. If you haven’t seen the Opening Keynote, you can do […]

  15. Fun things to do with Discovery Images

    There are thousands of beautiful and powerful images on the Web for educational use, and some of the best are found on Discovery Streaming. These images are great for so many educational projects and presentations. Below are three ways to use images that may be new to you. 1. Zooburst- 3D Storybooks This web […]

  16. The DEN by Numbers, now via infographic!

    As we mentioned recently, researchers from the Harvard Graduate School of Education investigated the Discovery Educator Network to determine how the DEN has affected educator’s professional development and their use of technology in their work. You can read through the highlights here, as well as find a link to the full study. For those of […]

  17. Our young people and their futures are worth it!!!!

    Can we as leaders leverage more learning for our students by continuing to explore the power of integrating more technology into learning opportunities? People that have thought a lot about organizations and how they work have come to the conclusion that, just like people, organizations have “inner dialogues”.  I think that’s true. I think it […]

  18. How can we use Reading and Writing with Technology to Increase Comprehension in Science Concepts? Using Discovery Education Science Techbook – That’s How!

    Reading and writing throughout the content areas has been a goal and objective within education.  As we seek to understand more about how students develop the necessary skills for acquiring more in-depth knowledge and information about the world around them, our focus must include technology that supports reading and writing in science.  It is important […]

  19. ISTE Resources

    Since I was unable to attend ISTE this year, I was excited to see a link to some webcasts and keynotes on Richard Byrne’s blog “Free Technology for Teachers.” I am looking forward to checking out some of the great things I missed and thought you might want to as well. ISTE Resources