Archives for August 15, 2011

  1. The DEN Back to School Membership Season has begun!


    The Discovery Educator Network Back to School Membership Season has begun!   Show your Discovery Education Team Spirit and win prizes by reporting events that reflect active use of Discovery Education curricular tools and resources and active participation in the Discovery Educator Network (DEN). Visit Register and start reporting points today! Here’s How You […]

  2. Letter to First Graders

    DEN star Kathy Cassidy, from Saskatchewan, welcomes new students to her classroom with this great letter. It sets the tone for a fun, interactive year . And she has  a similar letter that goes to the parents. Here are the links again: and their parents Let us know, in the comments section, if […]

  3. Framing our thoughts for the new school year

    Here is the symbol >.jpg

      COLLABORATIVE ENDEVORS > parallel play FORWARD MOTION > being stuck APPRECIATIVE INQUIRY > traditional problem solving CREATE THE FUTURE > status quo OPPORTUNITIES > problems AUDACITY > Accepting Status Quo HOPE > fear STORIES > lectures AN IMPROVED FUTURE > the status quo ADAPTIVE CHANGE > status quo NAMING THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM […]