Archives for August 16, 2011

  1. Spotlight on the GA DEN LC: Monique Liles


    GA DEN LC Blog Chair – Monique Liles Monique has been with the DEN for four years, and has 6 years of teaching experience. She is a special education teacher, and works with students with emotional behavior disorders. She is an advocate for bringing youth from at-risk to at-promise status, and is the State Coordinator […]

  2. Have You Tried the ASSIST App?

    ASSIST is an iPod Touch/iPad app enabling teachers to collect assessment data for summative, common, and formative assessments. With the ASSIST app the iPod Touch and iPad are a Mobile Teaching and Assessment Platform. ALL In Learning provides the framework for utilizing ASSIST effectively in its professional development seminar. How does it work? Download the […]

  3. Outstanding PD with Teaching Channel


    Every once in a while we have the opportunity to be a part of a new initiative. Here is your chance! Through my PLN I learned of a relatively new web resource for professional development and a platform for sharing best practices (Beta version launched in June). It is called Teaching Channel, a California Public […]

  4. DE + Weston Woods = Wow!

    When I first started using Discovery Streaming, it seemed like it was my go-to resource for Science and Social Studies. Slowly, I started finding more and more ways to integrate it into my math instruction. Reading and Language Arts instruction were the last ones to come along because I couldn’t wrap my head around the […]