Archives for August 26, 2011

  1. Hurricanes? Politics? Stock Market?

    How many of your students watch, listen, or read about important events happening in the United States and the world? If they are like my students and my children, knowledge of current events is extremely limited. Flocabulary is a great tool to use in your classroom to quickly review the week’s happenings through The Week […]

  2. Back to School with DE Streaming

        What better way to start the school year out than with an overview of all the wonderful resources that Discovery Streaming has to offer.  On Wednesday, August 24 new staff at Verona Area High School had an afternoon filled with technology exploration.  Staff members created their own Discovery Streaming accounts to start out […]

  3. Are You a DEN STAR? You Already Have Four Points in the Membership Season!

    Calling all DEN STARs!  In the DEN Membership Season, you’ve got four points already! Register and start reporting points today! Here’s How You Win!  The 2011 Back to School Membership Season Line-up: Be a team player: Attend a Back to School webinar and kick-off the school year prepared with new content, resources and tools […]