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Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero

Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero

                Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero premieres commercial free TONIGHT on Discovery Channel. From executive producer Steven Spielberg, DreamWorks Television, Discovery Channel and Science Channel comes the story of hope from darkness, life from ashes, a dream born from a nightmare. Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero  showcases the men and

Favorite Things: AudioPal

I’ve been thinking for a while that Oprah isn’t the only one who should get to have a list of her favorite things. As the self-proclaimed DEN Princess, I’ve decided that I too shall periodically share a favorite thing. Today, I’ll start things off with a tool that I learned about first during DEN Summer

Discovery Education Canada: Back-to-School 2011 Webinar Series

Join us for the Discovery Education Canada Back-to-School 2011 Webinar series as we explore the basics of Discovery Education STREAMING, join in the Discovery Education STREAMATHON, build upon 50 more ways to utilize digital media, and create digital stories with Discovery Education. Register today All times listed are Eastern Time. Discovery Education STREAMING: Back

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 08/24/2011

Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy Pyramid Interactive table of digital Bloom’s Taxonomy Tags: web2.0, BloomsTaxonomy, resources, tools, Blooms, blooms_taxonomy, pyramid, bloom – By Randy Rodgers » A Song & Lesson Plan to Teach Idioms Tags: idioms, lesson plan, lesson, song, plan, teach Canyon-Rim-web-home Tags: Canyon-Rim-web-home – By mixawy late Posted from Diigo. The rest of Discovery Educator

Grow the DEN, Look Awesome

The DEN Membership Season is in full swing – show your Discovery Education Team Spirit and win prizes by reporting events that reflect active use of Discovery Education curricular tools and resources and active participation in the Discovery Educator Network (DEN). To show off your winning ways, our top point winners will receive this limited-edition

“Engage” With the Discovery Education Science TECHBOOK

The vast array of resources found in the Discovery Education Science TECHBOOK are arranged according the the 5E Learning Model. The 5E Learning Model is a component of the constructivist learning philosophy which holds that students learn best when they are exposed to experiences that allow them to build their own understanding of a concept

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 08/23/2011

15 Coolest Google Earth Finds – (funny google earth, funny google earth photos…) Tags: googleearth, odd, landforms Survival Guide for New Teachers Here is a survival guide for new and veteran teachers compiled by the U.S. Department of Education.  Tags: teachers, education, survival, resources, newteachers, classroom_management, guide – By Dean Mantz Tags: eportfolio,

What are reasonable student outcomes? And how might technology help our students reach those outcomes?

Greater opportunities to apply literacy Stronger motivation to use literacy behaviors Strategically reading to learn and/or to be entertained Strategically writing to make meanings and/or to accomplish purposes Thoughtful reading for meaning Greater expression and clarity in writing Reading and writing with confidence Speaking with precision and clarity Actively listening with comprehension Persistent thinkers demonstrating