Web 2.0 – Cool Tools for Schools

This is my first LC blog post after being trained tonight =) but could not wait to tell all about this great site.  Web 2.0 – Cool Tools for Schools is from wikispaces, but has anything and everything you need for presentations, resources….everything 2.0 you can use.  The url is http://cooltoolsforschools.wikispaces.com/Presentation%20Tools.  Check it out to  make your school year the coolest ever.


  1. gail bingenheimer

    I just saw some of the seminar with Steve and I think I need another review. I , too, need to look at integration of technology in curriculum. I wanted to create my own blog, but can’t fiqure it out.

    • Steve Dembo

      Hey Gail, will be emailing you later today, hopefully we can get you straightened out!

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