Archives for September 26, 2011

  1. Allowing Students to “EXPLORE” Science Content With the Discovery Education Science TECHBOOK

    Visit any Discovery Education Science TECHBOOK concept page and you will find TONS of resources arranged by the 5E Instructional Model.  A component of the constructivist model, the 5Es lesson focuses on student participation.  Once “Engaged” students are then invited to “Explore” concepts in a way that allows them to develop their own understanding. The […]

  2. Last but not least, meet Kevin!

    Kevin graduated from Christopher Newport University in 2008 with a degree in Psychology.  He loves movies, football, lacrosse, and hanging out with his family and friends.  He has a two year old Retriever mix named Taylor, who is the cutest/sweetest dog ever!  When not at work, Kevin likes to stay active and goes hiking and […]

  3. The convergence of globalization and technology will eventually touch everyone

    Globalization anf Tech.jpg.png

    We school leaders know that some of our students are tech savvy and we know that many of our students are without access and opportunity for adequate technology experience.  We also know that the adult world our students will enter will be full of technology.    Thomas L. Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum the authors of That Used To Be […]

  4. And We’re Off!!

    Hello Virginia!! We, here at the LC (Leadership Council), would like to welcome you to another great year with the DEN! We have a lot of great events planned this year. We know your time is precious so lets jump right into introductions. Intro We hope you all are off to a great year. Please […]