What’s GNU?

     What’s GNU?

So, I’ve been trying out and hearing about a few new things on the technology scene.  Some of my latest finds and learning more abouts are:

plus.google.com — seen the little +1 button by some of the websites in a google search?  Here’s more on that: http://www.google.com/+1/button/

if this, then that — http://www.ifttt.com/ —  this site helps you link your email, social media channels and more  in a variety of combinations so items added one place are added automatically to another

Movi –moble video conferencing — http://www.tandberg.com/personal-video-conferencing/pc-mac-video-movi-v2.jsp –a new way to add distance learning and video conferencing capabilities

ereaders — http://edukindle.ning.com/ — ning for folks using ereaders and ebooks, covers not just Kindle but Nook, ipad, android, sony and more with groups also for particular uses of the devices

Twitter for schools — http://www.twiducate.com/ —  developed by teachers for classroom use, this site might make it through filters that block twitter; note: there is an ad captcha on the login page that requires you to answer a question to complete the login.  If you don’t see the ad, check with your techs about it.

Finally, a couple of new items I’ve been working on: ONE: Librarians, check out a new wiki developed by myself and a Texas library colleague: helpforlibrarians.pbworks.com  TWO: for copyright  help , see http://www.cleburne.k12.tx.us/page/83 , a submenu has links to hints and helps for music and images

Have fun and keep searching!


  1. Carol Teitelman

    Movi is an expensive solution for desktop video conferencing. There are many almost free solutions out there that work just as well.

    • Betsy

      For us, esc co op is working with this.

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