Flat Stanley and Google Earth

Flat Stanley ImageGoogle Earth is a great way to help you meet your state and content standards!  As a part of my Flat Stanley project, I use Google Earth to track the places our flat people have visited.  Google Earth adds the ability for my students to see many places they have never seen in person.  It may help you explore the idea of what irrigation circles look like in Western Kansas or what a marsh in Florida looks like!  We use Google Earth to help us determine if the community was urban, suburban, or rural, and get close up views of major landmarks (some are even in 3D!).  The ruler tool and historical imagery tool are also very useful when measuring distances or looking at how an area has changed over time.

Are you interested in doing something similar?  First, you’ll need to download Google Earth from http://www.google.com/intl/en/earth/index.html.  Then, check out my Following Flat Stanley page: https://sites.google.com/site/geflatstanley/

post written by Angie McCune

Image from http://www.flatstanley.com/picture_gallery.php


  1. LaQuita Denson

    When I tried to access google sites, I am requested to enter a username and password.

    • Angie McCune

      I did some editing of the post. Will you try again now? :)

  2. Katie Warren

    Somehow the sites link ends up with a Microsoft Outlook login page.

  3. Dean Mantz

    Thanks for sharing this project with us Angie. I have been testing out the Flat Stanley app on my iPod Touch 4. It allows you to take pictures and place “Flat Stanley” in it while providing details to help describe the image. It would be cool to take those pictures and create a virtual tour in Google Earth as a follow-up activity to a school field trip.

    • Angie McCune

      Very cool idea! I have played around with the app on my iPad.

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