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  1. New Stuff

    Apple said it wouldn’t be available until Oct 12, just after midnight, Tuesday, which is the absolute beginning of Wednesday, the 12th. Don’t you hate waiting for operating system updates? Maybe they meant Pacific time, that’s 3 AM our time. Dunkin still open? Whenever, it’s gonna be huge for iPad, iPhone, and Touch; maybe 200 new […]

  2. Seasonal Science Streaming

    Every month the Discovery Education Science TECHBOOK Implementation team will be on location in the classroom and connecting hands on activities to digital content in the SCIENCE TECHBOOK. We will broadcast live for classrooms that use the SCIENCE TECHBOOK to observe and be a part of the lesson. The first of the series occurred in […]

  3. Adults – educators and others, need to help today’s students embrace complexity

    Fall Ludington students iPad off stage #2

    Employees Wanted . . . that can combine software, art, math, creativity, writing, gaming, education, composing, and marketing Thomas L. Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum the authors of That Used To Be Us, 2011 p.70 -71 make the case for how fast and dramatically the world of work can change.  They explain that it is clear […]