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Northern California Workshop – Harvesting the DE Classroom Manager

Northern California Workshop – Harvesting the DE Classroom Manager

Join Martha Snider, California DEN STAR and Leadership Council Member, for this hands-on workshop! About: This “Make and Take” is open to all! Not only will you learn how to create interactive writing prompts, quizzes, and assignments, you will discover how easy it is to use the Classroom Manager to provide your students with learning

The One That Did NOT Get Away featuring Ben Parker

Explore the Blue brought to you by the Take Me Fishing Campaign invites all K-6 teachers and students to join us for a webinar featuring Ben Parker Though he was “lured” by the big city life and dreams of wealth by the stock market, Ben Parker packed up and “cast” a different line.  Though everyone

And the MVPs are…

Congratulations to our Discovery Educator Network Back-to-School MVPs! These educators racked up the most points in the Back-to-School Membership Season challenge. They scored points by: Being a Team Player: Attending a Back to School webinar for 1 point. 2 Point Conversion: Passing along 2 different ways to differentiate classroom instruction using a single media asset

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 10/31/2011

SoapBox – Transform your lecture in real-time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Q44W-qR6sw&hd=1 Tags: backchannel, web2.0, soapbox, polls, education, tools, edtech, chat, questions – By Dean Mantz Movie Mount for iPad2: camera mount for iPad. Attach tripod, conversion lenses and hotshoe accessories Only $69.99 Tags: ipad, tripod, mount, iPad2, hardware, camera – By Heather Hurley The evolution of the web

“Explain” Concepts With the Discovery Education Science Techbook

This month we will look at ways to use DE Science Techbook resources to “Explain”.  The “Explain” portion of a 5E lesson has two goals.  First, it is the piece where teachers firm up understanding that the students gain as they “Explore” the concepts.  Resources such as video segments, reading passages and interactive glossary terms