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A Veritable Treasure Trove of Children’s Stories available from DE

A Veritable Treasure Trove of Children’s Stories available from DE

Just this past summer I became aware that Discovery Education offered subscribers access to the whole collection of the wonderful Weston Woods retelling of famous children’s stories and picture books. The studio, located in Weston, CT, I believe, uses narration, music, and animation to bring important children’s books to life through multimedia. Even though the

Hands-On Activity: Creating Moon Craters

In the following video Creating Moon Craters, teachers explain and demonstrate how students will go about determining and modeling how moon craters are formed.  Multiple items of different shapes and sizes are used to model the differences in impact on the moon.

Why not try a Tweet?

I have had several conversations with teachers recently about using Twitter in the classroom.  Most of the conversations had a negatively slant to any use of Twitter.  I want to try and help teachers understand that although Twitter may not be a tool for every situation it certainly has a place in education both as

Balloon Filling Bottle – Investigating Chemical Reactions

Students engaged in hands-on activities to learn about chemical reactions can be fun and exciting, but it is very important to be sure they understand the safety procedures before handling the materials. Watch this video as teachers demonstrate the hands-on activity Balloon Filling Bottle and the appropriate safety tips to remember.

Support Spooktacular

To celebrate Halloween, the Support team dressed up (well, some of us)  and got together to share delicious home and store bought treats and most importantly, Halloween Candy! Michael and Erica dressed up for the day: Featuring Green Hornet and Kato… HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  How did you celebrate in your classroom?  

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 11/01/2011

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Greetings from storm ravaged Connecticut where the Halloween Nor’easter still has many folks living without power.  However with the openning of my school district I now have reliable access to wifi and wanted to share these pictures of the CT Day of Discovery CECA/CASAL Pre-Conference  event from last weekend. Many thanks to all who attended