Archives for November 3, 2011

  1. Virtual Museum Exhibits with Discovery Streaming, Qwiki, Wikimedia, and Glogster


                                                                                                                             View Canada Glog When my daughter was tasked with creating a virtual museum exhibit about Canada, I immediately seized upon the opportunity to introduce her to GlogsterEDU, her Discovery Student account, Qwiki, and Wikimedia commons. She completed her virtual museum exhibit organizer on Canada using pictures of landforms and an interactive population map from […]

  2. The Great Alberta Roadshow!

    The Discovery Education Canada team hit the road in Alberta last week. We visited 8 school districts across the province speaking with and learning from over 250 educators about the transformation of Alberta classrooms. From Pembina Hills to St. Paul, from Elk Island to Northern Gateway we met motivated and passionate teachers that wanted to […]