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Learning to Change, Changing to Learn: A Canadian Perspective

Learning to Change, Changing to Learn: A Canadian Perspective

That title gets me thinking.  I am betting when you watch the video you will be thinking about: The need for courageous leadership Education taken as a given Disengagement by students and teachers An age of networks Students having access to powerful tools of learning Shifting some roles Becoming learners together Transformation, flexibility, celebrating Start

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 11/08/2011

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She Changed the World… You Can Too with Siemen’s WCCTWC!

Do you and your students love a challenge?!?  Here’s two for you… 1) Read and see if you can figure out who is the world changer described below.  Post your guess in the comment section.  We’ll send a gift to the first person to get it right. 2) What does WCCTWC mean?  Find out the

Favorite Things: PhotoPeach

Lance has been a fan of PhotoPeach for a while. He’s been raving about it for something close to a year or more, so I added it to my list of things to explore. A few months ago, I gave it a shot when I was working with some 4th graders. I loved how easy

Supporting Students’ Technology Skills at Home

As an elementary school Technology Teacher, I get asked all the time, “What can I do to help my students at home?” My answer is usually short and simple – let your children see you using the computer.  If you use the computer to send emails, pay bills, create your shopping list, edit photos, etc.,

Catching Up or Leading the Way?

I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Yong Zhao speak two summers ago at the MA New Literacies Symposium and again at the MassCUE Conference on October 27th.  I think you will be encouraged by this Asian educator’s perspective on the American education system, especially during this data driven environment.  His views on what we’re