Archives for November 29, 2011

  1. A Great Tool on Sale

    If you have not seen the Livescribe Eco Smart Pen, you have to at least read about it. I was introduced to it during the summer and it has become one of the most used tools in my classroom. This pen records every stroke you make while writing and anything you hear and say and […]

  2. More free classroom guides for educators from Edutopia

    by David Andrade,   Edutopia, the George Lucas Educational Foundation, is an excellent resource for educators. Their site has a huge variety of resources, tips, and research on education and is accessible for free. They are a big proponent of Project Based Learning and also have a lot of resources on best practices in education.  They have a […]

  3. Some More Ideas for getting students engaged in STEM subjects

    by David Andrade,   Engineering is a passion of mine. I have a BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering-Aerospace, from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and worked for 10 years as an engineer before making a career change to education. I still do some engineering consulting work also. I use engineering concepts and ideas in my physics class, […]

  4. Resetting Moodle for New Trimester

    Here are the steps to reset your Moodle courses for a new trimester, semester, or year : 1. In each course, go to the Settings menu on the left-hand side of the course. 2. Click on Reset. 3. Check anything that you want removed from the course. Just don’t remove yourself!! 4. Click Reset Course. […]