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Games and STEM

Games and STEM

Here is the next installment of  the Games and STEM series. These games and interactives highlight STEM concepts while engaging students in the learning process. I have organized them in categories by science content. These games are exciting and wonderful ways to supplement the science curriculum, provide another avenue for concept exploration for your students,

ARKive: Images of Life on Earth

While I was perusing Promethean Planet for lessons to use with my 2nd grade geography unit this site was within the search items. What an awesome resource! Just watching the introduction video by Sir David Attenborough gave me goosebumps. Watch it below.

Oldie but Goodie

An updated post from the past: The Holidays! As the winter break draws nearer, have you found that the students are less attentive than usual?   Discovery Streaming has items to help! First, some holiday title suggestions from the catalog:  What’s New? Christmas Theme Page Hanukkah Theme Page Kwanzaa Theme Page Winter Weather Theme Page Oldies