Archives for December 15, 2011

  1. Try Your Hand at: INTEGRATED LEARNING!

      Looking for a fun way to engage your students as well as get them active and excited about their learning? EXPLORE INTEGRATING THE ARTS! Arts integration combines content and skills from the arts – dance/movement, music, theatre and the visual arts – with other core subjects in a seamlessly blended lesson plan. It’s a […]

  2. Android OS Apps for Education

    Culled from listserv responses, here are some suggested Android OS based apps useful for teachers or students: Spongelab is great for science. Middle School and High School FriendCaster for Facebook use (can’t use it to play games though) For good, free Android apps for children, check out Famigo Sandbox: One App that librarians should […]

  3. Do you believe that America has fallen behind in the world it created?


    America’s economy, infrastructure (airports, ports, bandwidth, bridges, rail system, etc.), educational system, open door to immigration, and safe guards to the natural environment and intellectual (encouragements to increase capital flow and innovation) environment have been what Thomas L. Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum have labeled as America’s historic “pillars of prosperity”.*  These pillars are less than […]

  4. Is “Cultural Literacy” still relevant?

    First a link to what is meant by cultural literacy:  See also references to the book Cultural Literacy by E.D. Hirsch After sending out a question to my library listservs on what they thought students should know to be culturally literate these days, one respondent told me that in presenting this concept to a […]

  5. Exciting News for Those Wanting to Use Discovery Education Science Techbook on their iPad

    Whether you are a subscriber to Discovery Education Science Techbook or streaming you can now access all of the flash based resources from your iPad. iSwifter, an iPad app that allows developers to stream flash games to the tablet device, is debuting Rover, an iPad browser that gives educators and students access to Flash-based educational […]

  6. Get Discovery Education Flash Content on your iPad

    by David Andrade,     Discovery Education has a huge amount of great resources for educators, from videos to lesson plans to e-textbooks and more. Some of it is in Flash, so you can’t access it directly on your iOS device browser. However, iSwifter has partnered with Discovery Education to create Rover. Rover is an iPad […]