Looking for a fun way to engage your students as well as get them active and excited about their learning?


Arts integration combines content and skills from the arts – dance/movement, music, theatre and the visual arts – with other core subjects in a seamlessly blended lesson plan. It’s a GREAT way to get the students up and moving.

Integrating the Arts promotes:

  • Multiple intelligences and individual learning styles
  • Development of critical thinking, decision-making, and creativity
  • Cooperative learning and social skills
  • Facilitates application of content and skills to students’ everyday life

Q: How can I integrate the arts?

A: Let Discovery Education help you!

1. Search for a topic. Ex: Continents

2. Narrow your search results by selecting the grade you teach.

3. Choose  “+more” under Media Type to view all options.

4. Choose from one of the following categories (if available for your topic): song, audio, or other.

5. Browse through results and select a resource.


Make Learning the Continents Fun – Social Studies/Art

Have your students work together to make a mural of the 7 continents using different colors and fabrics to represent the continents and oceans.

Reading Rainbow – Let’s Make a Mural

Learning Numbers – Math/Music/Movement

Get your students up and moving with this fun song and dance that teaches them how to count by 5’s.

Math with Mar: Counting by 5’s

Food Pyramid Rap – Health/Music

Have your students gather in groups and create a 30 second song about the food pyramid and healthy eating choices.

My Pyramid: Simple Steps to Healthy Living

After you create a lesson plan INTEGRATING THE ARTS, comment on this blog and tell us all about it!


  1. BThallmayer

    This looks wonderful. I will be sure to pass this along to the specialist teachers at my school as well as classroom teachers for across curriculum resources.

  2. BThallmayer

    This is a wonderful idea. I will pass this along to classroom teachers and specialist teachers to develop resources for across the curriculum.

    • Jennifer Alexander

      Thank you! Make sure to have your teachers and specialist comment and tell us all about their experience!

      • chicken sandwich

        u suck balls lol shrekt i am 9 and i am better then u i am teh best

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