DEN Summer Institute 2012

Get your cowboy boots ready! The DEN Summer Institute is heading to the wild wild west. DENSI2012 will take place from July 21-26, 2012 at Montana State University in scenic Bozeman, MT.

Up to 125 STARs will be invited to attend the DEN Summer Institute. Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with fellow STAR Discovery Educators from all over during an exclusive, intensive, week-long networking and professional development event. We encourage all STARs to apply!

The application is now open! “How do I apply?” you ask. It’s EASY! Create a 60 second or less video that explains why you want to attend DENSI2012. Post it somewhere that is not password protected, and send us a link.

Lodging and meals will be covered by the Discovery Educator Network (Read the FAQ document for more details). All travel costs to and from the institute, are the responsibility of the STAR Discovery Educator. Got other questions? Check out the FAQ.



DEN Summer Institute Announced – Application Open

March 26
Deadline for applications (5 PM ET)

April 6
Applicants notified

April 10
Deadline for accepted applicants to RSVP

April 11
Wait-listed applicants notified

Ready to apply? Read the FAQ document first.


  1. Mark Case

    I am going to appy ASAP. Now, how do I find a flight that I can afford????

    • norma rockwell

      I was thinking of holding several bake sales between now and then :)

    • Mark Case

      I have my video ready to upload, but where do I get the nearly $600 for the flight and cab???

    • Kati Searcy

      You can go to and you will get updates when fare changes occur – hopefully, we’ll all find a decent price. (That is, if we are the chosen few.)

  2. Carol Moffett

    Ihope these dates fit in my schedule this year. Last two years
    i have not been able to apply beause of conflicts

  3. Carol Moffett

    I hope the dates fit in my calendar this year. The past two years
    i have missed because of conflicts

  4. Carol Moffett

    I hope these dates fit in my schedule. The last two years I had conflicts.

  5. Carol Moffett

    Sorry I thought they were not posting, now I look stupid.

  6. Kim Adair

    I hope I am on of the chosen ones again this year!

  7. Frances (Francie) Snyder

    I need to start working on my application ASAP. Crossing my fingers and hoping to make to another DEN Summer Institute. I attended the Institute in Boston and I had a wonderful time. I learned a ton and met some wonderful people. Here is hoping that I have a reason to buy a cowboy hat this summer.

  8. Allison Bakken

    I am super excited that it is in Bozeman! I never thought the “Yellowstone” thing was possible. It is beautiful and there is plenty of things to do that are outdoors (of course I am biased).

  9. Melissa Robison

    I have my bedroll, boots and hat. This cowgirl is set. I’m ready to order my plane ticket…just need that official go ahead ;0)
    Thank you Discovery! This sounds like a fantastic opportunity.

  10. David Fisher

    Montana! Very cool! The video planning has begun. I hope to see all of you there!

  11. Tracie Belt

    i learn so much whenever I work with people I meet at the institut! I am beginning to work on my application, I hope I am chosen to attend! it is the best professional development I have ever attended.

  12. Joli (Brock) Barker

    I had such a blast last summer and learned so much and met so many friends that I can’t imagine missing it this year! I am sprucing my application and finishing it up tonight! DENSI 2012 I WANT TO GO!!! :-)

  13. Sandi Dennis

    I hope I get to go and stay in the special needs room with Amy and Company again!!

    • Heather Hurley

      Oh I want to stay with you all this year :)

      • sandi Dennis

        That would be awesome!! The VirginiaGeorgiaLina suite!! You can make the guacamole!!

  14. Sheila Fredericks

    Working on ideas for the video…
    Airline fares are steep. Only 3 airlines fly there: Alaska, Delta, & United. Bake sale, car wash, begging on the corner… all seem like viable options!

    • Dean Shareski

      If you happened to fly out of either Phoenix or
      Vegas, Allegiant Air is another option.

  15. Tracie Belt

    My application is in and I am on pins and needles. This institue helps keep my teaching and technology cutting edge. The networking is wonderful. If you are lucky enough to be selected you will know the value of attending and spread the word to other teachers.

  16. Mark Case

    I found out today, I have been accepted! $100 promised. At least $500 more to go.

  17. Mark Case

    I found out today, have been accepted! Have a promist of $100. At least $500 more to go.

  18. Mark Case

    I found out today, I have been accepted! I have a promise of $100. At least $500 more to go

  19. Mark Case

    I found out today I have been accepted! I have a promise of $100. Only $500 more to go!

  20. Deborah Thonus

    Just submitted my application! I don’t know how I am going to eat or brush my teeth since I dare not uncross my fingers until I find out if I am chosen. Because of DENSI 2011 and meeting Carol Anne McGuire, my students were able to participate in “Rock Our World,” a fantastic global project! Thanks DEN! My fingers are truly crossed!

  21. Melissa Robison

    See you in Montana.

  22. Deborah Thonus

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, DEN! I just found out I can pack my cowboy boots and hat and head to Montana. Can’t wait to network and collaborate with everyone! I can now uncross my fingers! Woohoo!

  23. Julie Jenewein

    I completed my application and am very excited to hear from DEN! I didn’t get an email confirmation – should I have?

    • Beth McGuire

      HI Julie, I applied as well. I did not receive an e-mail confirmation.

  24. Sheila Fredericks

    I just completed my application! Wish me luck! I’ll be on pins & needles until I hear!

    • Beth McGuire

      Good luck, Sheila! I understand. I feel the same way.

  25. Heather Hurley

    I got in and am really excited. I hope I’m one of the lucky ones to receive airfare or else I’ll be selling baked goods with everyone else :)

  26. Kati Searcy

    I heard a view more winners would be announced at Scion – but I haven’t gotten the memo. C’mon ….. I’m dying to know. -)

  27. Dawn Gardner

    Where do I apply to be on the SC leadership council>
    I have looked everywhere!
    Thanks for the help!

  28. Beth Burau

    Just discovered I got in this week! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to learn and share and meet all of you! Thanks Discovery Education and the DENSI team! See y’all in July!

  29. Margie Rogers

    I am doing some research about charter buses from Salt Lake City (closest Southwest hub) to Bozeman. Anyone interested, let me know.

    • Deb Thonus

      I might be interested if the bus ride isn’t too long or costly. The airfares to Bozeman aren’t cheap. Better deals would be found flying to Salt Lake City. Thanks for checking into this.

    • Beth b

      I’d be interested in a charter bus or van.

  30. Michele Hurst

    I am new to Discovery Star and would love to apply to the summer training, but I have never done a video application and am a bit intimidated by it. is there anyone out there who would be willing to give me some tips or ideas on what/how to do this?

    • Deb Thonus

      Hi Michele, contact me and I can give you some ideas if you still need them.

  31. el cutis

    I hope the dates fit in my calendar, I always missed.

  32. Susan Gauthier

    Video created and submitted …wish me luck!

  33. DiAnne

    A just sent my application in for Densi 2012. I am so excited and so nervous. I really want to go!

  34. Marian Martin

    I am so nervous. My video was not as exciting as others I have seen but I would love to learn more technology for my classroom. I haven’t noticed them post more winners yet. Are they waiting until the March 2 airfare contest deadline?? Anyone know? Just curious. Hope I get to meet you all:)

    • Sheila Fredericks

      I was wondering the same. Hoping to go with travel paid–it’s so expensive!

  35. Liz Charlton

    I am SO excited! DENSI is the ONLY professional development in which I learn so much. If you get to go, you are very lucky and will learn, collaborate, laugh and grow all in one marvelous week! I just hope I get to go. Gonna drive from Chicago!

  36. Catherine Beck

    Video application is in (1 min. 4 sec–hope that doesn’t disqualify me…). Prepared to load up the car and drive from Denver to Bozeman. Just waiting for the official word from Discovery! :)

  37. Michele

    Thank you so much. I did manage to make my video and submit everything. Congratulations, I recognize you from the chosen list and also saw my name on the same list so I am looking forward to meeting you this summer.

  38. Mary T McCullagh

    I can’t wait – I uploaded my application video earlier in the week…now the hard part, waiting to hear yes or not this year!

  39. Mary T McCullagh

    Hooray for DEN professional opportunities! Application is uploaded, now to wait to hear \Come on West\ or \Not this year!\

    • Michele

      So how do we know what we will need to bring with us to DEN SI? Will a schdeule of events or whatever be available? I saw that last year it looks like everyone went to Wea World and I have seen or read mention of projects, do we need laptops, ipads or … Will the attendees be provided with suggestions of what they should bring?

      • Margie Rogers

        They will send a list of suggested items to bring. We all bring our favorite techie toys and a few clothes. Leave some empty space in your suitcase, though, because there are always DEN goodies to bring back home (last year we got beach mats, and other cool stuff)!

  40. Catherine Beck

    When are folks arriving? Anyone interested in looking into a shuttle?

    • Karen Ogen

      Last year they gave us a Google spreadsheet to organize travel and airport shuttles. I am sure they will do this again. Looking forward to meeting you!

    • Michele

      I am totally interested in looking into a shuttle or some other form of mass transportation that we can share. I am so excited to meet all of you.

  41. Kim Miller

    Woohoo! I was picked to attend. :) I can’t wait to meet everyone and learn all that DENSI has for us! See you in Montana!

  42. Michele Hurst

    So the official notification is TOMORROW. Does anyone know how notification is being made? Since tomorrow is a holiday in many locations I am wondering if it through e-mail or snail mail. Should I check my school e-mail from home so that I can be sure to respond in time? Obviously I am really excited about this and can’t hardly wait.

    • Porter Palmer

      We’ll be notifying folks via email today.
      Michele, in case you missed it in the weekly update, you were accepted about a month ago. Congratulations!

      • Michele

        Thank you so much. Now it’s official and my acceptance confirmation has been submitted. WooHoo! Can’t hardly wait.

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