Which Holiday video brings you the most CHEER?


Everyone has a favorite Holiday movie they look forward to watching every year. Our Discovery Education Holiday videos can be used to combine education and fun for students. Try infusing our holiday videos with your lesson plans for art, history, science, etc. Students can also learn about the beliefs and celebration traditions of others.

Here are some of our team members’ favorite holiday videos:

Rabbit Ears: The Night before Christmas

Captures the true spirit of Christmas! Music by Mark O’Connor, The Edwin Hawkins Singers, Christ Church Cathedral Choir, Van Dyke Parks, Sarah W. Neil, and Meryl Streep;

Reading – After watching, have students identify or summarize the order of events in a story in groups to make a story board.


Animated Hero Classics: Maccabees: The Story of Hanukkah

In this program, learn the story of the first Hanukkah and Judah Maccabee, who triumphantly lead the Jewish people with valor to win the war for religious freedom.

Social Science/History – Have students learn about and compare the celebration of holidays by cultures throughout the world.


Christmas and the Civil War

Many Americans take for granted that Christmas is a federal holiday, but how did this religious event become a national one? The answer takes us back to the time of the Civil War.

Social Science/History – Have students identify the significance of major U.S. holidays, including other holidays: Independence Day, President’s Day, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, and Martin Luther King Day


Holiday Facts and Fun: Kwanzaa

The video takes viewers into the homes of celebrants for a detailed look at how Kwanzaa is observed. It also features the world’s largest community celebration of the holiday, where traditional African music, art and dance take center stage.

Social Science/History – Have students learn about and compare the celebration of holidays by cultures throughout the world. 


Preserving Christmas Trees

Kari, Tory, and Grant want to test different home remedies for keeping Christmas trees healthy and green.

Science – Have students make predictions/hypothesis on the best way to preserve a Christmas Tree OR connect video to a Tree Anatomy lesson.


Do you have fun Discovery Education Holiday lesson plans? Share them here!

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