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  1. New York Governor Encouraging Implementation of Evaluation Systems

    As discussed in a previous blog, “Educators ‘Score’ Evaluation Tactics Low,” New York state educators, administrators, and government officials are locking horns over the implementation of teacher evaluation systems that include student assessment results. The latest wave of activity featured a statement by state governor Andrew Cuomo that districts must adopt new evaluation systems or […]

  2. Letters Alive in Texas

    Herman Lawson Elementary School in McKinney ISD spent the day showing off how kids are learning these days. Many of you may have heard of the term Augmented Reality. Well, that’s exactly what the kids are experiencing. Letters Alive is a letter learning program that uses flashcards with document style camera called a 3cam. When […]

  3. Please Allow Me to Elaborate…

    In our continuing discussion about ideas for the 5E’s instructional model this month we will look at ways to use DE Science Techbook resources to “Elaborate” Typically, by this point in your lesson the students have “Explored” the concept and “Explained” what they understand regarding the material.  Now it is time for them to SHOW […]

  4. Discovery Education Theme Pages of Discovery Talent

    Discovery Education just launched exciting new theme pages that feature some of the great talent from Discovery. There are videos from Phillip Cousteau that focus on environmental education. The Danny Forester page features segments on Architecture and Engineering. Reed Timmer from Storm Chasers videos feature his work in extreme weather conditions. Head Rush and MythBuster […]

  5. Upcoming Project Learning Tree Opportunities

    A couple of dreary days and I am sure we are all ready for some sunshine!  How about getting outside with a Project Learning Tree?  Please share this information with those in your networks. These workshops are open to anyone that works with youth and wants to provide engaging and hands-on activities including classroom teachers, […]

  6. More Reflections on DEN SCIcon 2012

    Both Jane and David have done a great job of highlighting features of the wonderful gathering of educators at the Mark Twain House Visitor Center this past Saturday. I am so grateful for them sharing their notes, summary comments, and links to the archived presentations. One of the highlights for me was being privileged to […]

  7. WI DEN iPad Event Feb 18!

    Join us at the Apple Store in the West Towne Mall, Madison, WI on Saturday, February 18 at 8:00 a.m. to learn about how the iPad is being used in education. In addition, STEM integration ideas, the Discovery Mobile App., and a variety of other educational apps. will be shared. Discovery Education members are invited as we […]

  8. Discovery Education’s Science Techbook: Scientific Explanations in Action

    One of the most powerful tools within the Discovery Education Science Techbook is the Scientific Explanations Worksheet, which can be found under the Explain Tab within each concept.  This amazing tools provides a unique insight into the thought process of our students while providing students the opportunity to analyze and interpret data to construct meaning […]

  9. NC DEN SciCon

    On Saturday, January 28, a group of educators from western North Carolina gathered at the Kimmel School  at Western Carolina University for an exceptional in-person event surrounding DEN SciCon 2012. After working through the morning sessions of SciCon together, we enjoyed an amazing tour of the Kimmel School with two of their esteemed professors. Talk […]

  10. Meet the New Guy! Dan Choi

    Introducing the newest member of the DE level 1 support team; Dan, is eager to help with your technical needs. Dan graduated from Syracuse University in 2011 with B.S. in Information Management. He loves philosophy, books, movies, football, travelling, and above all else food. There are food lovers who like to analyze the taste and […]

  11. Florida Test C To Predict Student Proficiency On FCAT 2.0

    Just a note for our partners in the “Sunshine State.” The Florida Department of Education has formally set the new FCAT 2.0 state assessment achievement level cut scores. Since the predictions made by Discovery Education interim benchmark assessments are based on these decisions the Florida Test C interim benchmark will be a predictive measure of […]

  12. DEN SCIcon 2012 – what a great event!

      The 3rd Annual DEN SCIcon was held this past Saturday, January 28th. The DEN SCIcon provides participants with effective strategies for transforming science classes through effective integration of digital media content. The conference was broadcast live and online so many people joined in from home. There were also in-person events around the country, hosted by […]

  13. NICE Resources

    Northern Illinois Computing Educators held their Mini-Conference on Saturday, January 28th.  The Keynote speaker was Steve Dembo of Discovery, and his presentation of cutting edge Web 2.0 apps provided an energetic beginning to the event.  Would we expect any less?  The crowd was enthused, and Steve was dynamic – his breadth of knowledge and ability […]

  14. Are you Pinterested?

    Oh my… Another Internet addiction has hit, and I am working hard to balance it with my Words with Friends, Facebook, and all of my Google habits. The website is called, and it is a visual buffet of anything and everything that might interest you. They describe themselves as an online pinboard, where users […]

  15. Win a Flip Camera and more in Dr. Lodge Music Video Challenge – hosted by Discovery Education!


    You and your students could win fabulous prizes for your classroom with a 1-take music video! What’s up? Launching today, the Dr. Lodge Music Video Challenge asks students to select one of Dr. Lodge McCammon’s standards-based songs, determine the dance moves, and film the music video in 1-take. What could I win? One grand […]

  16. How Might Technology Be an Asset?

    Scholl Family and Communities

    How might all individual students be served if schools, families and communities were to strengthen a shared commitment directed toward the goal of: Schools should be places where all students can and do learn? a student who was highly stimulated with language, social, emotional, nutritional and physical opportunity from ages of 0 to five, a […]

  17. Jordan Lake Eagle Cam

    Don’t miss the antics of the new Bald Eagle eaglets on the Jordan Lake Eagle Cam!     This live view of a Bald Eagle nest near Jordan Lake in Wake County is a cooperative citizen science project. Learn more about it and the many partners that make it possible at         […]

  18. Meet Your Colorado Leadership Council

    Name Bio Photo Jason Cochrane I recently moved to Highlands Ranch, CO where I teach 6th grade math and science at Ben Franklin Academy. I came from Cedar Rapids, IA where I taught 9th and 10th grade science. In Iowa I acted as the blog coordinator for our LC. I had the opportunity to attend […]

  19. Welcome to the Colorado Blog

    from Blog Chairman, John Christopher Happy New Year Colorado DEN STARs!!   Our Colorado Leadership Council has officially launched! All of the LC members are excited and looking forward to a great year!   Here’s what you will find in this month’s Colorado DEN Newsletter: Colorado Blog Meet Your Colorado LC! Upcoming Colorado Events Upcoming […]

  20. Flipping, Dancing and Sliding at FETC

    We just got back from FETC (the Florida Educational Technology Conference) in Orlando where Karen Ogen and Andrea Rollison attended the Pre-Conference DEN Day of Discovery that was hosted by the fabulous Florida DEN Leadership Team. This was a full day packed of learning and fun with Dr. Lodge McCammon and NC teacher Katie Gimbar. […]

  21. DEN SCIcon 2012 Rocks!

    I’ve been sitting in the Mark Twain House Museum classroom for the day soaking up the DEN SCIcon virtual conference events. I’m sharing the room with about 35 educators from around Connecticut as well as Patti Duncan, STAR Discovery Educator and member of the DEN Team. It’s been a productive and worthwhile day with all […]

  22. Project Based Learning – African Animal Style

    I’m suppose to be working on a post for my Wilkes project based learning course but right now the website is having problems – oh, Technology! So instead I will write about a recent project that we have done in our classroom that turned out beautifully. Step 1: We started out by having each child […]