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Liberty’s Kids

Liberty’s Kids

If you are a teacher in grades 4-8 and you teach about the American Revolution, you should be using Liberty’s Kids, an excellent television series from PBS. This 40-episode series tracks the events leading up to the Revolution, documents the causes, provides cultural context, introduces important historical figures, and extends through the Second Continental Congress. Each

Write Me Another Story

Over winter vacation while reading one of my favorite blogs – Mind/Shift I learned about a really amazing story writing app with the power to design beautiful student created images or uploading other images. Scribble Press is a free iPad app that gives children the tool to create wonderful stories that they can share by

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 01/07/2012

Left VS Right Brain Learn where you Belong to Tags: web_2.0 Stephen Hawking Finds Woman is Life’s Greatest Mysteries Stephen Hawking, one of the more brilliant mathematical minds of our generation, might be able to perform complex calculations and come up with amazing theories concerning the realm of science as well as knowing a little