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Meet Your Colorado Leadership Council

Meet Your Colorado Leadership Council

Name Bio Photo Jason Cochrane I recently moved to Highlands Ranch, CO where I teach 6th grade math and science at Ben Franklin Academy. I came from Cedar Rapids, IA where I taught 9th and 10th grade science. In Iowa I acted as the blog coordinator for our LC. I had the opportunity to attend

Welcome to the Colorado Blog

from Blog Chairman, John Christopher Happy New Year Colorado DEN STARs!!   Our Colorado Leadership Council has officially launched! All of the LC members are excited and looking forward to a great year!   Here’s what you will find in this month’s Colorado DEN Newsletter: Colorado Blog Meet Your Colorado LC! Upcoming Colorado Events Upcoming

Flipping, Dancing and Sliding at FETC

We just got back from FETC (the Florida Educational Technology Conference) in Orlando where Karen Ogen and Andrea Rollison attended the Pre-Conference DEN Day of Discovery that was hosted by the fabulous Florida DEN Leadership Team. This was a full day packed of learning and fun with Dr. Lodge McCammon and NC teacher Katie Gimbar.

DEN SCIcon 2012 Rocks!

I’ve been sitting in the Mark Twain House Museum classroom for the day soaking up the DEN SCIcon virtual conference events. I’m sharing the room with about 35 educators from around Connecticut as well as Patti Duncan, STAR Discovery Educator and member of the DEN Team. It’s been a productive and worthwhile day with all

Project Based Learning – African Animal Style

I’m suppose to be working on a post for my Wilkes project based learning course but right now the website is having problems – oh, Technology! So instead I will write about a recent project that we have done in our classroom that turned out beautifully. Step 1: We started out by having each child

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 01/28/2012

Five Free Tools to Organize and Schedule Meetings Tags: technology Lawrence High School Campus Tags: high school, lawrence, school, campus Posted from Diigo. The rest of Discovery Educator Network group favorite links are here.

Hi from SC SCIcon 2012

Ella (our newest STAR) and I are sitting here at Carver-Edisto MS. Ella teaches Environmental Studies & Physics at Edisto HS and is excited to learn she can be a STAR at no cost to her. We are still waiting on other teachers from other schools. More Chik Fil A for us if they don’t