Please visit to have a young scientist visit your classroom and present an engaging, hands-on module covering a topic related to genetics and genomics!
This year’s topics include:  Forensics, Genes and Disease, Immunology, and Pharmacogenomics.
What Teachers are Saying…


DNA Day has been a wonderful addition to my classroom for the past 3 years…   My students love it when they have “real life scientists” come talk to them.  It helps the students see that science is “real” and can be fun and interesting and is truly part of their actual life.”  

“I know that this module has helped our other students with this topic on the EOC so I hope you can come back this year!!!!” 

“The presentation was fantastic, and my students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were motivated and engaged!”

·       “This presentation completely supplemented what we’ve been doing in my classes this year.  It gave the students something to think about and demonstrated the relevance of what we’re learning.”


What Students are Saying…

“I forgot how much one could do with a background in science. It opens doors that I can’t wait to discover.”

“The ideas/concepts were presented in a colorful way yet understandable way to both teach us and keep our attention.”

“Today I realized that there were many more career options in science than I realized before.”

For more information about NC DNA Day and to sign up, visit out website: or contact us at

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