QR Codes in the Classroom

I recently created this presentation to share with the Reading Council of South Carolina to show educators, media specialists, and administrators how QR codes could be used in the media center and with literacy.  I have updated the presentaion to include examples of how QR codes can be used across the curriculum.   Do you have an idea or other examples of using QR codes in the classroom?  Please add your ideas to the comments below.


  1. Karen Wells

    Hey, Karen! We are using QR codes in our yearbook this year. I also used a QR code on some sticky notes I had made. The QR code takes fellow educators to my website where they can find any forms they might need. I love them! Thanks for sharing your presentation.

  2. Matt

    The qrcodesineducation.com web site has links to over 300 resources for using QR codes. I’ll add a link to your presentation as well.

  3. C

    Don’t go to I think you mean http://qrineducation.com/

    Cuz that is a nasty site that starts with the word p and ends with orn! That is horrible! Grow up!

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